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Quick update: Shavathon

I love the buzz around the Shavathon. People smile and laugh and are silly.The volunteers work up the energy levels and the DJs are fun with their patter. I’m sorry I didn’t get to the PAV to say hello to the RWFL team helping out there today. Would have liked to be out there with my clippers,but I’m a bit flat from the chemo so the legs were a bit too heavy for a major excursion. Hope they are having f fun doimg good stuff.

I went down to Pinecrest and got in line for ‘as bright as you can make it’. And 2 butterflies -they did not have heart templates, but what the hell butterflies are free!


Hope CANSA raises lots of money. The research moves so fast and there’s still so much to know about thisĀ  disease.


Congrats Wayne and all of you taking the plunge and losing your hair voluntarily!
Have a fabulous day.