Liz's colonic journey

Whirling Dervishes

The last week has been a whirl of note. We left for Cape Town for Brian’s 60th birthday celebration on the 14th. The rest of the country descended into horrible wet, wind and dreary weather. Cape Town was beauty manifested, warm, sunny, clear, flat sea not a breath of wind. This first pic was us on Sunday, at The Lookout at Hout Bay, recovering from the exertions of the night before.

The party was at a place called Stardust in Rondebosch. The cabaret show is performed by the waiters in between their serving tables. What amazingly talented young people. This was like Fame on speed. All of them are students of some kind, performing arts or music or drama. One was even studying for his MBA. The one lass, Amy, strangely enough, did such a great cover of an Amy Winehouse song that I doubted my eyes and ears. We had a ball. Pat and I were not ready to leave at 12 but I think the Jagermeisters consumed by some of the rest of the party, led to them feeling a little ‘tired’. Hence the need for recovery and sunglasses on Sunday!

Once again, Lou had done a fabulous job with designing the theme – traffic signs. How was the cupcake birthday cake? Each cup cake was iced with a picture of Brian or a rude remark, like this one “Do not resuscitate” and “wheelchair zone”. Guess which one Pat ate? Delicious. The menu was Moroccan tapas and spicy dishes. Lots of vegetables.

I’m going about this backwards because the pics uploaded in a weird order. The chair in the middle was something that intrigued me at the Hout Bay market. What a brilliant way of recycling old tires. And so comfortable.

The pics of the mountain were taken from our unit in the Mount Sierra block of flats in Gardens. See what I mean by excellent weather?









Of course the weekend ended with us being on time for our flight home at 5pm, having left everyone still partying at Hout Bay. Lou kindly drove us. Unfortunately, Mango had a problem, and we had a three hour delay. After an hour of rushing between boarding gates with Pat’s hair being blown back in the wind of her wheelchair’s passing. (The airport’s company lass who was assigned to us for assisted boarding must have been knackered.) We got tired of the stainless steel seats and Pat was going into a wheelchair glaze caused by people looking over her head, so we decided to splurge and pay the entrance into the Bidvest business lounge. It was worth every penny of the R160 each entrance fee. Comfy chairs, drinks and eats on tap and free wireless. Also a fabulous view of the landing strip.
We were quite chirpy even though we only got home at 11pm that night.

I had my blood taken on Monday morning and then fetched Pat to meet Dr Landers about my scan results. There’s been some reduction in the lesions, though not as dramatic as the first chemo round. The good news is that none have grown and there are no new lesions. Dr L seemed very chuffed with the way things are going, so I continue with Folfox 4 plus Avastin until it doesn’t work anymore. I drove Pat back home then went back into work to catch the end part of the workshop that Marian, Shaun, Joan and Martin were running for the Extended Curriculum Project. From the conversations over lunch participants had a lot to think about.

Then Gita (very kindly being shortstop again, deserting her boys in service to DUT!) and I drove the foursome up to the Assagay Hotel. Sadly Gita had to dash back, because we went up to The Pot and Kettle for some light curio shopping and cappucinos. This pic works for me, Martin working hard to solve one of the diabolically difficult wooden puzzles that the owner of The Puzzle Shop has created over 20 years. (Excellent stocking fillers guys!) Note the advice giving by the researchers! A fun end to the day.


Tuesday was a couch day I think – I was pretty tired. Wednesday was the long chemo day, so we’ll skip that, except to say that I saw Wendy there and she was looking good and fairly chipper considering she was back for round number umpteen. Amazing. I also discovered that I’m not supposed to eat grapefruit because of it’s antioxidant properties that apparently counteracts the purpose of the chemo. Who knew?

Thursday, I went in for the morning session of the workshop. I so wish I could have stayed longer because I loved hearing how each person was working with their research questions. It was a stroke of genius by Kathleen to insist that the whole thing be run and managed by our grad students. It was really working well.

I had to leave to get my next dose and my take away bottle, then actually went to work and sorted things out a bit. Told you I rev when I’m actually dripping! After that I shot up to The Pot and Kettle to fetch the pashmina that I’d left there on Monday, and then to the Assagay Hotel to deliver the package that we’d accidentally left behind in Gita’s car on Monday. I also wanted to hear how M, J, S and M had done in finding transport to get out to see PheZulu. Not easy folks – a little business opportunity waiting to be actioned – A mini-shuttle service from hotels and B&Bs.

On Friday, thanks to Joan C, who really knows places to see and be in KZN, she and I took a slow wander, with our guests, from the hotel to King Shaka airport.

Monteseel was beautiful, with a 35 degree C Berg Wind howling. As Shaun put it – “feel the energy!”.

We stopped by Kloof Gorge and then went on to a lovely fruit and muffin lunch in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, where I paddled in the very cold stream! What a beautiful day. Full of beauty and great company.


So in spite of chemo taking a chunk out of the week’s time, it was a fabulous seven days. Pat even managed to drive herself to her client on Friday morning with no bad effects – she’s moved from shuffle to totter to stiff legged care so quickly.

I confess that I was really glad we had the Heritage Day holiday weekend because I needed to platz!

Now living in the moment needs to go on hold for a few time slices while we get organised for our fab trip to Mauritius – leaving next week Thursday! My word I have such a hard life! Ag shame.








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