Liz's colonic journey

Rude fruit

Terry Pratchett talks about “amusingly shaped vegetables” in his book The Truth.  We found this pomelo fallen in the garden after the torrent of the last days.
I’m taking it as a message from the universe that I’m perhaps too preoccupied with certain things!


Taking the lesson from the pomelo and Eckard Tolle’s Power of Now. I tried to return the wheelchair that Paulette hired for Pat three weeks ago. I had to go to Broadway Pharmacy in Broadway Rd. Unfortunately my GPS didn’t know that Broadway Ave used to exist, and I didn’t remember that it’s now SWAPO  Rd. This miscommunication lead to a long though interesting tour of the back of Res Hills and Redhill, with me arguing with the silly ‘Recalculate woman”. I got to a point where I wanted her to debate with me about where Durban North is. The wheelchair is still in the back of Squashy. I’ll try again at another time without the GPS.

Happily our MPR session today was filled with laughter and good thinking. I was again incredibly grateful that I work with such amazing unique people with the most astonishing range of knowledge and experience. I hope we succeed in the projects’ goal to codify some of this knowing into useful theory.

Thoroughly energised by the mirth and story telling, we left at 4.30 (Campus closes at 3pm on Fridays). I dropped Bwalya off and managed to try and drive over what had been a tree but is now a tree stump. Squashy didn’t like it. Another lesson in living in the now and seeing what is now, not what used to be! I didn’t get it.

I got stuck in a traffic jam in Sparks Estate, and realising that Pat might be worried, tried to text her. Ooops, numb tingly foot slid off the clutch which I was riding (mea culpa) and I crunched into the car in front of me. Her car is two weeks old – she was very understanding but wanted the chip next to her number plate sorted. Understandably. Happily she works for Hollard Insurance and knows panelbeaters. She’s going to look for a good quote so we can sort things asap. I hope it’s not going to be a sour experience. I get that we both wanted the quickest most effective solution with the minimum of legal hassle. I hope it works.

Ain’t life interesting?

Lots of love and revs!







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  1. was the pomelo telling that the day would be a bummer ?

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