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Off we go again

Well today’s bloods were good, which means chemo tomorrow. Last week was weird. I felt pretty good all week but couldn’t go to work in case I got exposed to some infection. It left me with a major case of the grumps and cabin fever. Going to work on Monday, before I had my blood results, and Friday because I’d promised to be there, saved me from descending into blahness.
To be honest I wasn’t 100% but I put the headaches and occasional feverishness down to hot flashes rather than an infection. I just slept when I felt tired. Because fresh and raw food is not recommended while you have a low white count, we ate a lot of chicken soup and veggie stew with lots of beans and lentils.

My eyes started playing up though, I couldn’t read package labelling, or the numbers on my Codewords/Crossword puzzles. They started getting blurry when I watched TV. I’ve noticed for a while that I can see better when reading or working on a computer or my ipad, without my glasses. It seems like the headaches are related to eye strain. I had my eyes tested on Saturday and it turns out that my eyesight has improved! I can see better long distance and short distance. My multifocals (new last year at vast expense) were now completely wrong and interacting badly with my perception. So is this an age-related benefit or is this an unreported side-effect of chemo?

I still had to do the grocery shopping and whatnot so we were not completely isolated for 4 days! I’ve rediscovered online grocery shopping. The new Pick ‘n Pay site is so much easier to use than it was 4-5 years ago, and it automatically adds your loyalty points. The delivery charge is sixty bucks, for which you get someone else carrying your shopping and don’t have to worry about bags, because everything comes in crates. What’s not to like?

Pat is desperate to get driving again, but she’s just about tottering at this point. I’m completely fulfilling my role as a legal wife – I nag her about putting the boot on and using the wheelchair when her feet are tired. I dropped her at work on Friday and today, but the result is a swollen feet that are quite sore. Her left foot – the one that was sprained has to work doubly hard to accommodate the broken right foot with the boot on it, so I think it’s taking strain. These recliners were a very good buy.

I’m really enjoying Malcolm Gladwell’s “What the Dog Saw”, which Sioux got me for my birthday. The pieces are short enough to read in the bath or while visiting the throne regularly. It’s provocative and keeps my grey cells moving.

It was great to see the MPR group on Friday, their energy and curiosity probably did more for me than my presence did for them. Thanks guys.

I’m quite looking forward to seeing Tania, my oldest friend, if it works out that she can visit on her trip out from the UK, in the week following our Cape Town weekend. Ja, we have history!

Thanks to everybody who is out there, sending funnies, emails and other distractors. I can’t name everybody, but please just know that every one is appreciated and got us through our week of isolation.

So tomorrow we do chemo – not nearly as exciting as the Addo Elephant trail that Kathy’s doing or preparing to climb Kilimanjaro like Joan, but it is always interesting. Take care of yourselves, you guys.


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  1. Joan Conolly said:

    Hi Liz, sorry I have been so silent. The ‘mutating flu’ really got to me and then came back for the weekend last weekend, so as a physical visitor I am a BIG NO NO NO NO at the moment, and I only managed to get back in touch digitally with all that is going on in the last couple of days as you will have noticed. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday,and that the mighty expensive multi-focals are now redundant! Such unexpected bonuses are what make life fascinating!!! I hope that the chemo is going well and doing its thing – Zapping Mofos. I send you and Pat Pepper and Rocky, lots and lots of love, Joan

    • No worries, Joan, I knew you were out there from the sms’s! Sorry that you’ve been having such a hard time with flu-ish symptoms.
      At least now you know that it is bread that’s the bugbear. thanks for all your support regarding Joan and Marian’s visit next week.
      I can’t tell you how good it is to have a short-stop in that regard. things felt doable today again.

  2. Pat still laid up! As someone not everyone likes but most people know once said, it’s a funny old world. Sorry Pat.

    Liz hang on to those hot flashes, l’m sure they liven things up! I met a woman once in hospital who said she got them via her earphones when listening to tapes.

    And congrats for coming out about reading on the throne, and regularly at that!

    You guys are a great comfort


    • Another somebody, prolly my dad, said in broad Yorkshire accent: “There’s nought as queer as folk”. Pat’s tottering quite well actually – she even made dinner last night – an excellent maccaroni cheese.

      I’m suspicious of people who don’t read on the throne or in the bath. Mind you, so many people use showers these days. I justify the use of the additional water by staying there for at least half an hour!

  3. Hey !!! Enough of the ‘old’ ok…….. I will do my very best to get to You. I absolutely loath flying Liz, but for You………anything……. You take care now of Yourself and sending all my Love to You both…… xx Speak soon 🙂

    • Face it T, we ain’t in the first flush of youth anymore, but isn’t it amazing how much we’ve learned? It would be grand to see you but if you are doing a flying visit and it’s going to cause stress don’t do it. we can chat on Skype or something. Lots of love back.

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