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Birthday blast

I’m not on chemo this week. For the first time my bloods weren’t good. The neutrophils in my white blood count were too low, so they didn’t want to weaken my system with chemo. Basically the neutrophils are the infection-fighting mechanisms of the body. So I’ve been told to stay away from public places, pets and pot plants because they have noo-noos.

Well the last two are just not going to happen. And I had a blast for my birthday weekend with dinner at Mo’s Noodles on Florida Rd, with Pat, Paulette, Sioux and Wayne. Fun time with lots of laughs. Then on Saturday we met up with Kathy,  Joan, Elaine, Shirley, Mary and Noelene at the Shongweni Farmer’s  Market. Lovely warm morning, good grub and excellent company. It was a weekend of being spoiled. Pat got me the audible books which was quite creative considering she can’t get out of the house!

On Sunday, I really rested dipping into The Long Earth, Terry Pratchett’s new book with Stephen Baxter, one of the gems Sioux have me. Flask is perfect for bathroom reading sessions! I also admired all the flowers and plants that are making 32 beautiful.







So surrounded by my spoils I was pretty smug all weekend. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful gifts. Each one had such a special message, and I haven’t even mentioned my Mauritius bag and my very zooty new iPad cover with built on keyboard.

After all that it was quite a surprise to find my bloods were risky. I’m feeling good except for headaches and weird fever spells. I’m staying away from public places and sleeping if I feel tired. I suspect that I’m finding symptoms to justify the blood results. The mind is an incredibly slippery thing.

The hounds are having fun, Pepper dogs my every movement and Rocky keeps bringing himself home early from school!



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  1. sorry to hear the bloods not behaving ! You are looking so good ! anything to be done that I could do ? Apart from the step by step instructions for that other thing ! take care !

    • Hi Elaine,
      Well they’re back to normal. Thanks I was feeling great when I saw you guys. Maybe the whites were in shock from the glass of wine I had on Friday night!
      Will shout if step by step instructions are necessary!

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