Liz's colonic journey


This is what the veggie patch looked like this morning, when I went out to pick some lettuce to go with my lunch. It’s really a very beautiful time of the year in Durban. The light has an amazing quality. Can you spot the eggplant in this pic?


I don’t know if it’s the chemo or slowing down for the chemo regime again, but I’m remembering to notice things, or maybe again something in my senses makes it impossible not to see what is around me. My bloods were good yesterday, they took it via my port, so I’ve only had one needle prick this time. It did mean that I’ve been attached to a tube a day longer, but this morning it’ll mean that i just need to be connected to the bags. These guys really need to know their fluid mechanics! Funny, in making my lunch for today, I completely forgot to eat breakfast. I don’t think I’ll starve though. Have plenty of nuts, fruit, veg and even a slice of naughty cold pizza. A treat is essential. I thought I’d be able to catch up on my Olympic viewing, and maybe the cricket, but it looks like the Onco centre’s decoder has conked in. This is good news for Liza, because it means that I’ll get back to her quicker with feedback on her M draft! In the meantime, I’m thinking of the work team working hard to finally develop DUT’s e Learning strategy. I can’t wait to hear how e Learning is defined because that will make all the difference to what constitutes our jobs. I’m guessing that the team will be knackered by the end of the We are looking forward to celebrating Andy’s 50th, this weekend. I’m trying to work out where I can find some red and white hooped socks, for my Granny Weatherwax outfit. While Granny can’t be having with colours other than proper servicable witches’ black, I think she might be seduced by red hooped hose. Can’t let Lou’s very glam Rosy Palm show me up!



Comments on: "Session 1: Round 2 blessings" (1)

  1. Philippa said:

    Think I saw the aubergine but not sure. Your bouncing back after all kinds of shit (and believe me I know the trapped feeling) is sure enough to see though. A person can’t be neurotic in peace with you around! Coming to return your so kindly loaned Raiders of the Lost Ark jacket, that gave me some of your swashbuckle.

    love to you and Pat

    Philippa and William

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