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Pumula Beach


This is what happens when you send a photo from your phone to WordPress. You get funny predictive text and no explanation. The explanation is that Pat and I decided to take a drive down the coast on Sunday. To the Pumula Beach Hotel, which if any of you have seen the pics posted on FaceBook,is gorgeous. We thought we’d have a quiet tea on the deck and look out for whales and dolphins. Unfortunately, we forgot that it’s school holidays and Pumula is a family hotel – so no tea for daytrippers and not much in the way of quiet. It was fun to lurk around and watch all the energy for a bit. The pic doesn’t show it but the wind was howling – this did not seem to deter all the semi naked holiday makers though. They were determined to have and were having a wonderful time.

The on the road pic was just a beautiful moment looking across an estuary just shy of Scottburgh – we were stuck in traffic reduced to a single lane because of roadworks. It was a lovely drive and an opportunity to reminisce over events and holidays in the past. We laughed a lot. We missed the sardines by a day. I believe they arrived in Hibberdene on Monday. I was almost sure that I spotted two whale spouts but they could have been energetic rocks. The sea was pretty choppy. We did enjoy a meal at Phat Bros in Scottburgh. Pat had a burger and I managed to finish one, only of their Poppers – deep fried  jalapeno’s stuffed with extra cheese and chilli. I was beaten by the heat. Jalapenos count as vegetables, right?

Today’s laugh came after I’d finished chatting to sister Sam in Oz . It was a quick call – weekday schedules, you understand. Sam was getting ready to give her family dinner and I was taking a workday break. We chatted delightfully and then signed off. I’d just turned back to my pc and got into the next thing on my To Do list (A leave request for our Mauritius trip in October), when there was a Skype bing followed by a little voice saying,”Hello Bizzy Lizzy”. Dougal explained to his mum that he was phoning Bizzy Lizzy and then we had to say goodbye again. What made me laugh was that at 2 and a half, Dougal hasn’t quite mastered camera angles, so my view of the interaction consisted of a spray of fine blond hair and his mum’s knees. What a delightful age 2 and a bit is. Better entertainment than anything on TV.

Pepper and Rocky are at the parlour – long overdue by the smell!

I’ve quite enjoyed being at work during the university students’ vacation, not just to sit around, but it’s given me and the Master’s students time to actually work together with real focus and get into the real thinking work of their projects. Very exciting. It’s difficult to do this in an hour appointment one on one, with one’s attention split three ways on different tasks. No wonder people don’t do philosophy much any more. There’s no time.

Physically I’m feeling very well. I have the occasional tummy pang and strange aches in my hips and thumbs from time to time. Last night I had a cramp in my bicep. These are not anything to cause alarm – just rather strange. I’m having a power nap in the middle of the day when I feel a bit tired and that seems to be working well to keep my energy up. All in all I have nothing to complain about and lots to be really happy for. Not a lot of people have that privilege.


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  1. nalinic said:

    Hi Liz
    Great to hear that u are feeling well. It must really be peaceful at the office. I prefer working in the quiet. I took some leave hoping to spend time with the kids and do some writing (and work on my online class). Did a lot of the spending time but think I’m definitely going to need the ponodora to help with my time management.
    U take care and we’ll chat soonm

  2. Philippa said:

    Again you guys are reminding me about smelling the flowers. Well done you two.

    Glad you’re feeling reasonably OK Liz. Think of you both often, although my posts have dwindled. Will pull my socks up.

    love Philippa and William

  3. Aha, so that’s why I didn’t find you at home on Sunday. I popped by but only Peps and Rocky were there to greet me with barks and growls and wagging tails. Pxx

    • Aha! So you are the reason that we didn’t find holes dug to China in the garden when we came home. We knew somebody had popped round but not whom! Sorry we weren’t in.

  4. Hello Liz
    What a lovely unplanned day. While the pictures don’t capture the wind – it looks like it was bright and clear. Remeber when you, Sharon and Joan (and me) did teh Scottburgh walk – you waould have walked past this lagoon area. You all went swimming in your walking togs, after Sharon found a parking place right at the start, despite coming a little ‘late’. Kathy

    • Oh yes that walk was definitely part of the reminiscence. Great walk, great swim and great plate of slap chips after as we sat dripping on the poor folks below. I do remember that we battled a bit to find which bit of railway line we’d crossed from, when we tried to find the car again!

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