Liz's colonic journey

Pat and I went to get the scan results today. Worse than I’d hoped but better than I’d feared.  The bad bit is that the liver mofos are growing again – roughly 25%, which is about right for being off the chemo for 3 months – and seeing as they double in size every 200 days when they aren’t being zapped. The good bit is that I’m not going back on chemo for at least another month. Doc Landers reckons that I should make the most of feeling good and not being in pain, feeling sick or tiring too quickly. When/if that starts again is when it’s time to go back onto the same chemo regime I was on before – which was still working.

I’m very happy that I won’t be having noodle legs and weird symptoms for another month at least. In the meantime – on with the wheatgrass!

I figure that I’m still in a better position than I was in October last year, when I went to my GP with bronchitis. My liver is doing better than Denise’s 10 year old granddaughter’s. She needs a heart and liver transplant and yet she’s still smiling and fighting despite endless procedures – how could I do any less? If  you’d like to contribute to the fund the family has set up to pay for it (they have to raise a million bucks)  just let me know and I’ll send you the details. I’m a great believer in crowdsourcing!

It was so nice to see Callie, who popped in on her way through to the airport and occupied our minds with laughs and intelligent conversation. 1.30pm is a long way from 6am. The time did seem to go by quite quickly thanks to a little tasklet that Sioux, Lee and Paulette passed my way, which kept my imagination constructively engaged. Also useful to use the pomodoro time management app Pomodair which entices you to work for just 25 minutes before doing whatever the next terribly urgent thing is that gets you distracted from your computer screen. I seem to be right in the middle of something amazing when the buzzer goes off telling me that it’s time for a five minute break.

I also tried to book our plane flights to Cape Town for Brian’s birthday in September and managed to book us great flights, except they would be leaving from JHB!  I’ll try and do it properly tomorrow when my brain is fresh.

In the meantime then, back at work tomorrow in the office and looking forward to my group mastering the intricacies of designing quizzes in Blackboard 9. Weird to be so normal.

Life is indeed tragic in structure but comic in texture.



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  1. Hi Liz_ I didn’t read your blog when I saw you yesterday (looking funky with your orange jeans and red boots)_ mofo’s maybe fighting back… but you are a bigger fighter_ stronger_ a warrior_ :-)*

  2. Hi Liz Bean, the good thing here Angel is that it worked before so it shall work again, sure some discomfort but at least we know it works… I agree, enjoy this time and then tuck in and get them hammered again ……… Sending All our Love, Tania, Christo, Mum and John….. xx

  3. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz, thank you for the update on the state of the Liver Mofos. I am sorry that the LM’s are not less well, and delighted that You are as well as you are, and can have another month sans chemo. I am sending loads of love and tsunamis of healing energy, Joan

  4. Karen Read said:

    Sending love xxx

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