Liz's colonic journey

Paul Roux

This trip away from everywhere has been just what the doctor ordered. Paul Roux is a farm village (registered) of not more than 100 houses set in the middle of an ancient flood plain, or more like a plain through which massive glaciers travelled. Mesas and buttes everywhere. There is even a dinosaur footprint somewhere that I haven’t seen yet. Maybe this morning.

We travelled up on Friday. Pat driving Squashy against 85km winds. It was 5C when we arrived and the temperature sinking fast. Eds and Richard showed us to our cosy cottage and proceeded to ply us with good red wine, a delicious chicken stew full of veggies and other ‘stick to your ribs’ ingredients. Rich tinkled the ivories of his newly tuned baby grand, near a red glowing fire and everything felt really good. We’ve had snow, rain and hail. We’ve had morning coffee (with a shot of whisky – or two) and delicious brand,chocolate and coconut muffins (baked by Eddie) with three of the delightful denizens, whilst looking at lovely art, pottery and the horses pestering for more warm mash.
A drive around the village revealed ancient, for South Africa, graves and the old oak that was the posting station.
I’m taking away memories of Ed dancing enthralled amongst snow flakes in his long underwear and flipflops while we looked on wrapped in multiple layers of clothes.


Rich with his Gorbachev sheepskin hat, and losing my mittens in search of this picture,


Pat breathing in the fresh, cold air whilst Cecile and Chantal, the cocker spaniels, snuffle around the garden oblivious to the cold and getting their ears totally soggy.


Last night’s karaoke by E and R was a delight, including numbers from Shirley Bassey, Eurythmics, Madonna, Ge Korsten and Laurike Rauch. When last did you hear ‘Kinders van die Wind’? Such fun.

Absolutely perfect escape from any anxiety related to my scan on Tuesday.

I truly am blessed. Even minus 6 degrees this morning was a delight, with the sun shining on the white frosted garden, glinting in the sun.

Thanks for your fabulous hospitality Rich and Ed and little Paul Roux.


Comments on: "Paul Roux" (7)

  1. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz, please forgive my digital absence! As you know i have been somewhat parochially preoccupied! You are looking great, if you don’t mind me saying so, and sounding the same! Paul Roux sounds and looks ab fab … probably because one can visit … and LEAVE when it all gets toooooooooooooooooooo chilly! I am in ‘holding good thoughts’ mode for happy news tomorrow, – or is that today as it is wee wee hours of the new day! Rich blessings and lots of love, Joan C

  2. Liz – as ever and notwithstanding the photies – very evocative descriptions. What a wonderful break – I would have been really really envious (instead of just envious you understand) if the mail had opened yesterday whilst I was sitting in the PhD weekend listening to a voice pitch on (even through a closed door). Hugs to you both

  3. Philippa said:

    What a fab holiday, you guys have really great friends. That photo with the church is national geographic standard, send it in! love Philippa

  4. Thanks Liz for sharing your experiences of a wonderful weekend. I could taste those muffins, feel those snowflakes, see that landscape! Thinking of you for your scan on Tuesday xx

  5. Looks fabulous and frikken cold. So glad you had a good time. When you getting the scan results, Lizzo?

    • I have the scan early on Tuesday morning and have my appointment with Doc Landers at 1.30 on Wednesday. I guess I’ll get the results then.

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