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I’ve been quiet digitally lately, mostly because I’ve been lost for words. I’m going to try, now, two weeks later.

My heart is aching for my good friend, Sharon and her hubby Dave, who lost their eldest son in an accident the Friday before last. There was nothing that Robert and Warren were doing wrong, or could have done to stop a truck veering across three lanes and hitting them on the opposite side of the road. A speeding possibly tired long haul driver, alcohol, and a flat road removed all their choices. Stupid, ridiculously unfair, tragic and leaving  a huge horrible hole in the lives of the parents and wives of two precious sons.

S and D’s  pain puts any other sorrow from living into a deep deep shadow. I think it’s made worse by the generous way they both are in the world. They are Givers …constantly. If living is love made visible these are the examples. They’ve been towers of strength for me and many others. I wish I could make this nightmare go away for them and their family.

This tragedy makes everything else seem very petty in relation to it.

I  could have done without that reminder that life is so incredibly fragile and precious and may not be here tomorrow. From Sharon and Dave, and Robert’s venturesome life I’ve been reminded.

I can love and be loved. I don’t think that is going to change whether I’m physically here or not, because it is the most important thing I can do – now.


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  1. Sharon Bessell said:


  2. Hi Liz, nice that You are back online again. So sorry to hear of your friend and her families loss. Very sad indeed. In respect of your feelings now……Just love and be loved….. xx

  3. Oh Liz. This is heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing – I will be keeping Sharon, Dave and their family in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs xx

  4. Hi Liz – I am so very sorry to hear this, and I hear your pain. Losing children must be one of the most devastating things. Comforting words and kind thoughts really seem so inadequate. Like you one would want to help ease the pain. Thinking of you and the families. Ruth

  5. And you Sioux, all my love to those special people.

  6. Just had a lovely dinner with Chrissie and Harry and the Powell and, naturally (!), we spoke of you with warmth and affection. I’m so very sorry for your friend and her family – too horrible to contemplate, I’m holding them in my thoughts. Love and be loved, Lizzo; it’s all we have.

    Love and be loved.

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