Liz's colonic journey

Clelland Nature Reserve

Sam kept Dougal out of school today, and we all, including Granny, we went off to Clelland to feed a variety of marsupials and strange Aussie critters.

Kangas and wallabies you probably know…



And wombats


And koalas



But what about echidnas? Hedgehogs that lay eggs and raise them in their pouches?


And potatoes and bandicoots?


Remarkable…great fun.
Yesterday we trundled around the Barossa Valley listening to each other whisper across 144m of the Reservoir wall,


the sculptures on Mengler Hill (which none of us understood!), Seppeltsfield winery where we sampled some interesting wines including a sparkling Shiraz -very festive.
Thought of the Pinetown Walkers when I saw this shop in Tanunda…



Home-made sweets. So sorry to hear that Erica has left us after such an incredible fight, a sparkle in her eyes til the last. I think she’ll find a special place on the next step of the adventure, but I’m sorry for those she has left, Bruce, Noelene and John especially. I hope I am as dignified and grace full in my own journey.

Healthwise food is tasting fabulous without the chemo tang, the tummy is happy and the legs are getting stronger, though the hand and foot zings are still with me. This week I haven’t needed my afternoon nap at all, even though we’ve been jolling, walking, and shopping a lot all week.

We went to the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide on Tuesday, coffee with Granny in Norwood on Wednesday ( I ate a huge chunk of delicious mud cake…better than wheatgrass, which experience Lou is still sharing with me every morning).
Lou and Sam made gorgeous Easter eggs for Dougal’s school Easter egg hunt – lactose and fructose free- which involved blowing the insides out of real eggs and filling them with special chocolate…




Tomorrow is a rowing regatta at which Hamish is an honoured guest- we’ll watch from the river bank, then Dougal’s swimming lesson….so cute seeing two year olds learning to be so comfortable in the water.
Have lots of pics to gather from Pat and Lou and will share them asap.
Love to you all,


Comments on: "Clelland Nature Reserve" (6)

  1. nalinic said:

    Hey Liz wonderful to hear that u guys are having an awesome trip. Wish u more special memories in the making. Enjoy the rest of ur trip
    Luv, Nalini

  2. You are certainly getting around and enjoying yourselfs
    I see Pat is even looking the part with her hat on – just needs a few corks!!

  3. please can I have an echidna ?
    love to hear your trip is going so well

  4. Hi Lizzie, so lovely to hear all your happy news about your grand adventures. Missing you. Love to Pat. XXX

    • It is a happy time and I’m loving every minute, even grocery shopping is fun! Missing you guys though, and a bit frustrated by technology!

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