Liz's colonic journey

Pat’s reading the paper and I’m thinking about what to tell you abbot our trip so far. It’s Tuesday ago were nearly at the point of talking in questions like Australians.

The flight over was fantastic. Travelling in the ‘petting zoo’ as the crew call it, is definitely the way to go, and so different from travelling economy. As we boarded we were greeted with a glass of champers and friendly staff wanting to know who we were and what we were going to do in Oz- very personalised.


The twelve hour flight passed so quickly, I was almost sorry to arrive!

A quick taxi ride to the Blue Sydney Taj and we were back in luxury. The taxi driver was a Palestinian gynocologist working to save enough money for the exam that will allow him to practice in Australia. Such wealth and such tribulation all in one block. What amazed me was how not bitter he was.
Taxi drivers have interesting stories. We were amazed also at how young everybody was, very few decrepit middle aged folks and lots of yuppies in business suits or exercise clothes! And probably fifty per cent of the people we saw in tourism land were Asian. This is pic taken by Lou with the Blue in the background. The converted wharf warehouse is a designer’s dream of
Interesting architecture and furniture. They had even preserved the old wooden conveyor belt that moved the sugar and flour bags off and on the ships.


Sydney has 260 days of sunshine a year. We had bucketing rain for our visit to the Circular Quay to see the opera house and bridge, but it was still awesome.



We decided to get out of the rain and went to the Powerhouse Museum, stunning with all it’s interactive displays of science chemistry and biology set in historical context. Lou and I had lots of fin with the electric chair.
I backed off getting on the pennyfarthing bike though! Lou took that on-very brave. Can’t find the pix right now.

That night we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe at Darling Harbour for dinner. It was packed so that idea was scotched.instead we found a Tapas bar further down ans I pigged out on mezze. It was the day before St Patrick’s day so there was a lot of the ‘green’ around and a very festive vibe. Street theatre acrobats and dancing followed by an incredible firework display. Pretty stunning, gorgeous and pet friendly – no screaming witches!



Up early on Sunday morning and off to Adelaide, where we relaxed with family – a few tears and lots of laughs. Dougal is a delight…


Time to go get ready for our day and our trip to the Chinese Market. Hope you are having a much fun as me!


Comments on: "On the porch in beautiful Adelaide" (4)

  1. I am so glad you get to experience all that wonder with your family. You both deserve it 🙂 I just love little Dougal in his brightly colored house (which I envy), he looks like a very busy little chap. Soooo cute!! I hope the sun will come out for you at least for a day, so you can get blue skied photographs of the beautiful architecture too.

    Have lots of fun and keep uploading the pictures.
    My love to The whole family.


  2. It all sounds so exciting. Glad you are having a good time
    Love Joan

  3. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz and Pat, Wow!!! Yes! the ‘petparlour’ is a lonnnnnnnnnng way from economy even if there is the merest sheerest little curtain in between! This all looks just wonderful! I am so glad that you have family to share this with you! Soooooooooooo much more fun!!! Have a ball. Take care, Joan

  4. This looks like heaven!

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