Liz's colonic journey



Loving the Arty chairs and quiet restful space!



Rocky and Pep didn’t like the suitcases in spite of the bribes!



Comments on: "Quick update: from the Mashonzi Lounge-OR Tambo" (3)

  1. Dee Pratt said:

    Wow! Quite the “International playas”! Suitcases? Cats smell a rat even when I have the laptop wheelie in the hall. I think Tom watches my car leave and return every day just to psych me out should I ever think of going away. That’s mean – he really is devoted, and the “cuddliest” of all my cats. Bon voyage!

  2. Philippa said:

    Hope you both had a lovely trip! Once I heard ‘business class’ I stopped worrying about the transit taking a toll on Liz.

    Bella and Archie know just how Rocky and Pepper feel about suitcases, and they are just as suspicious of bribes. The trouble is that when we pack to go to Bridgelands, a privately owned but rentable trout fishing spot, they come too. So suitcases mean ratting on the banks of the Umzimkulu, as close to heaven as terriers can get! It is just too unfair isn’t it.

    Love Philippa and William

  3. Quick update from Pioneers online:
    airconditioner still not working!!!!

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