Liz's colonic journey

Quick update: Shavathon

I love the buzz around the Shavathon. People smile and laugh and are silly.The volunteers work up the energy levels and the DJs are fun with their patter. I’m sorry I didn’t get to the PAV to say hello to the RWFL team helping out there today. Would have liked to be out there with my clippers,but I’m a bit flat from the chemo so the legs were a bit too heavy for a major excursion. Hope they are having f fun doimg good stuff.

I went down to Pinecrest and got in line for ‘as bright as you can make it’. And 2 butterflies -they did not have heart templates, but what the hell butterflies are free!


Hope CANSA raises lots of money. The research moves so fast and there’s still so much to know about this  disease.


Congrats Wayne and all of you taking the plunge and losing your hair voluntarily!
Have a fabulous day.


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  1. Dee Pratt said:

    Hi, have been seriously “dropped out” from reading blogs and just had a whirlwind catch up. Glad I did, and glad that treatment is gradually gaining ground, visibly, in scans. “new normal” is useful concept. I haver at top of stairs wondering how I am going to get down (this during an arthritis flare) while students chunter on about their latest mini-marathon. Rails are good. Lifts that work are even better. I have pre-op “normal” and post-op “normal” – whatinhell is “nornal” anyway? You can get green hair by matching certain hair dyes with jumping in to pool. Needless to say, the earliest results weren’t actually planned. Keep up the good fight!

    • I understand. This year has picked up speed like a car coming down the Long Tom pass without brakes! I probably need to be as focused as you are. You seem to be incredibly busy and churning out achievements so efficiently. Your workshops seem to be going down well with everyone who’s been. Sorry I haven’t been able to come to any yet.

      I can’t imagine how nasty it is to do all those stairs with an arthritis flare up. I don’t have pain on the post-chemo days but my word, when it feels like my knees have left town, the down view doesn’t look inviting. At least I have the knowledge that it’s the chemo that’s knocking me. Hard to deal with a misbehaving body objecting to our youthful activities!

      • Dee Pratt said:

        I think perhaps my knee is trying to tell me to relax and lighten up! This Sunday I lay in bed and read the Trib, now playing with my iPad2 (past 11 and I haven’t “got up” yet – great!) Look, I did sit at the computer sorting out exam results last night, but then watched Indiana Jones ( absolute sh!t, but better than filling in PG forms). Bliss to lie here with fridge pack on knee! Busy? I wish some other folks would see me as “incredibly busy” and stop thinking up more things for me to do – the workshops are going so bloody well that everyone wants a piece! Medical report: have just found out that Omega 3 helps reduce inflammation and Collagen helps heal tissue while you sleep.

  2. Love the colour and butterfly. I went to colour and came away almost shaven – a no 4 displaying salt and pepper hair! You will make a splash at your workshops next week.

    • I think you must look stunning with a No 4 Nicky! That’s brave. Unfortunately with the rain the colour has come out. Now where can I get vegetable-based hair colour!

  3. Hey Lizzo,
    Wayne and I had great fun – I went all orange and green and he went shaven-headed. Then came home and Calico curled up on the pillow on top of my head (as is her wont) and rapidly took on a lovely hue of green herself – ever so sweet. Though she did give Josh pause – I heard him come home a while later and yell “Oh my god, Mom, come quickly, there’s something seriously wrong with the cat.” He thought she was turning into the Hulk or a Ninja Turtle or something.
    Hoping to see you before you go off to Oz – I’m in Durbs this week, will phone and see if you have time. Thought of you lots today – with lots and lots of love. X

    • A green calico cat – sounds good to me – shades of Lewis Carol. Is that a step on the way to a Jellico Cat? I’ve got this lovely picture in my head of your kitty with a mask and nunchucks whirling (sp?) – Apple and Templeton better look out!

      Thanks for all the thoughts. L

  4. w 🙂 w… so funky… tattoo next ?

    • Hmmmm – I’ll wait for friend, Sam C to get qualified – I like her art! Where do you study to become a tat artist?

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