Liz's colonic journey

So getting ready to go for chemo today – just assuming the blood would be good despite my chemo sniffles  (how quickly we forget the happy dance moves) – I tried to get into my lovely size 10 Gloria van der Bilt jeans bought el cheapo (R40) at Meltz last week.  I couldn’t imagine lying around in a lazy boy for six hours being that tightly ‘packed’ – unless I lay prone all day, which  would make texting and emailing a challenge. I wore my size 12 ancient Jeeps instead. A bit baggy but I am becoming a label queen!

This wight gain, I think is a Good Thing – bones poking through skin is uncomfortable especially around the bum area! Be thankful for having a bum!

This week I’ve had three swims in the pool working my legs, and two “Pepper round-the -block” 1km walks with my ankle weights. Yesterday I had a swim and a walk. I feel so much stronger – so hopefully some of the beefing up is actually muscle-building, not just fat from the Spiga D’oro pizza I enjoyed on Friday celebrating Tarryn’s birthday, or the mutton breyani on Saturday celebrating Carol T’s birthday and entry into wisdom! Both lovely occasions and time to mellowly converse with special people, Jenny, Paulette, Jax and Brigitte (don’t ask about the stabbed hand – or rather ask her), and Sally on Saturday gave me a lovely dose of hugs, then Ruth, George, Lee, Carol and Callie topped it up with loving speeches and the honesty that makes for wonderful relationships . I was filled with a deep sense of satisfaction when mirth wasn’t dominating.

The muscle building thing is interesting. I think I must have posted about the BBC4 Discovery podcast I listened to which  upended the theory that muscle shrinkage is the result of the body using that energy. The new theory is that what gets wonky with age and illness is the body’s ability to process proteins and convert them to muscle – because they aren’t experiencing resistance and the demand for muscle  that triggers the whole protein-processing process . (That’s probably very simplistic but that was my understanding and that’s the theory that I’ve been working on.)

I’m putting down my good feelings to my 2 fruit – 5 veg  a day diet with a quarter carbs and proteins (who knew cottage cheese tasted so good with chillies!); your huge support and caring;  getting some exercise (my next goal is making 2kms around the big block with Pepper); Alison’s ‘Healing meditation’ CD which I listen to every night when I go to sleep, and the excitement about heading for Oz in two weeks time. And that’s not counting the visit of three angels that Joan organised. Anyone wanting a visit – let me know.

So I’m going to have fun on Saturday getting my hair sprayed pink  and green at the Cansa Shavathon at Pinecrest Centre. I think I’ll hang on to my Number 4 haircut for now. Not as brave as Karen and Simon, who went the whole hog (bald and looking good) a couple of years ago when my dad and lots of their friends were sick.  Also hanging on to my fuzz is  practical – I can’t tell you how cold my ears get even in this heat. Love the heat because I don’t ‘zing’ above 23 degrees which is why I’ve been enjoying my swims.

I think I might need to actually “join a gym” (gasp – another identity repositioning!)  where they have a heated pool , when we get back from Oz. The gym has to have a Kaui branch – I tried their fresh wheatgrass and apple shot on Sunday after our trip to Dischem in Hillcrest, to stock up on all the bits needed for managing side-effects. I can report that it tastes like….grass… just like when you chew the end of a stem of veld grass, except a lot of it . I  guessed that they juiced at least two big handfuls of the fresh wheatgrass growing in trays. At least it tastes like grass before it goes through the cow – a huge advantage over the powdered stuff. I don’t think the apple juice option is really worth it – it still tastes like grass not apples, so lets be honest about it and take the shot straight!

I’m quite excited about the TES workshops we’re having next week at Edgewood with Mieke from Sweden and Anastasia from the US, on self-study/practitioner research. I just hope that my new muscles stay good for the post-chemo week, because I think it’s going to be very interesting and fun. Especially if everyone shows up sprayed pink and green!

See you later and thanks for reading.


Comments on: "Dripping again – something about wheatgrass?" (6)

  1. Well the Australians don’t think they are at the bottom of the world – they think they are the top and centre. That’s a good way to be, I think. They are certainly successful enough – have you seen the exchange rate? The Oz dollar is stronger than the US dollar and close to the pound. Maybe us Africans need to be thinking of ourselves as the centre and heart of the Earth?

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated Liz, wen i read ur previous blog, realised how insensitive to have kept the brdrm aircon on during that almost 4hr mtg, sori…look forward to seeing u @ TES nex week…lotsa luv, Nalini

    • Nah not insensitive. I knew I could ask for it to be turned down but everyone else was overheating at the time – it was hot! a 16 to 1 vote. I could have put my gloves on. Yes looking forward to TESand some interesting convo despite what the weather might do!

  3. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz, thank you for another great update. I am looking forward to seeing you at the TES event over the weekend! Two weeks ONLY TO OZ!!!! WOW!!! Start packing!!! This is sooooooooooooooooooo good! love, Joan

  4. Hey hey hey … lots on the go! once again, as always, really good to read about your exploits and thoughts. Not long now before you fly into the blue yonder to the land down under. Talking about that, have you seen those maps/atlas’s that have Australia and New Zealand positioned where we traditionally have central america or africa probably – imagine the axis in another place, with Australia in centre stage. Its rather funny! – otherwise Australia rally is the land down under as we know the globe. Chat soon

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