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Quick update: Scan results

I seem to be rushing around (without actually moving) like a headless chicken lately. I meant to do a full blog today but ran out of time. So for those of you who haven’t heard – digital devices are crazy !- the scan results were good – about another 20% reduction in the liver nodules which is the target at the moment. I have to admit that when Dr Landers showed me the comparison to my October scan I was stunned at how bad it was then. I didn’t realise how seriously my liver was compromised at the time. Probably because I was still stunned by the diagnosis and we were just doing whatever came next. (“Sorting out my affairs”- the movies would call it). Now though the scan is still a bit scary, it shows my liver as nearly 50% clear. I’m feeling so much better than I did in August at my 50th and I think I’m looking better, despite the chemo. It makes sense now that my liver has a chance to look after itself. Doc Landers also said that he doesn’t think the spots on my lungs were cancer nodules after all, and everything else down below seems to be operating effectively – so all good at 32.

I did my blood tests today and if they’re clear and they should be, if the way I’m feeling is any indication, I start cycle 5 of chemo tomorrow again. Nice to know it’s working.
I need to add that Doc Landers congratulated Pat and me, and all the people who are loving and supporting us – he knows it makes the difference.

Thank you for holding thumbs and crossing all your body parts – you can relax and work out the cramps now! Thank you for caring,
Love, Liz
PS. Can you do a postscript on a blog? I’ll say more with pics tomorrow.

Since as my sister said, and I quote. “Oh and now that you’re not ‘kicking the bucket just yet’ maybe you should hang on to some of that dreaded disease insurance – I’m all for having you around for years to come and me slumbing it in Auz!!!!” Nope, we’re going to do the Australia trip in style!


Comments on: "Quick update: Scan results" (21)

  1. ….. and she breathed out ….

    Great news Liz

    • Thanks, Elaine, it’s good to know that people care. Weird to think that I’m healthier now than I was in October even with the Irish knees!

  2. Yey! Wow! That’s right,show that cancer who is boss. Thanks be to the great energy that watches over you and listens to our thousand prayers that you get back to 100%. * Doing the happy dance* Lots of love to you and Pat.

  3. That is fantastic news Liz!
    Love Joan

  4. I am so, so thrilled for you Liz and Pat. This is the most wonderful news – and just in time for Valentine’s Day too xx

  5. Trying to find some emoticons to express how I feel: I am (@_@) —–> ‘drunk with love’… …. dancing —–> ^(. .)^ and excited ——> :-O…. and here’s a high 5 to you and Pat —–> ^5 and a mug ——> l_l) to say ‘cheers’!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful news Liz and Pat. You two are amazing in your courage. Love you both lots. Lee

  7. Hey great wonderful Liz and Pat! and me! and everybody, not forgetting Dr Landers hey.

    Do tell him you have a friend who sends him a big hug and a kiss. If he looks awkward about it, tell him she knew he would but didn’t care, and mooi skoot anyway! (This is the most exclamation marks I’ve ever used, they suddently seem in to be in good taste (!)).


    • Haven’t quite got around to expressing exactly what you said, but I did give and get a lovely hug.I think I’ll just show him your post. Thanks, Philippa

  8. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz and Pat and Rocky and Pepper and All Other Furry, Feathery and Finny creatures at 32! This is AB FAB news!!! So Very Very Well Done! Next thing we are going to have to have ‘Whose Got The Cleanest Liver?” Competition! Have an Absolutely Awesome Day! Lots and lots of love and prayer, Joan

  9. that’s awesome news Liz…so happy for u guyz…love & best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Louise Willison said:

    I hope your friends don’t think I’m callous when I tease you about “kicking the bucket just yet”. It certainly sounds that wa when read it back in a quote! You’ll have to explain the Harrison sense of humour in your next blog.

  11. amishi gandhi said:

    Oh Liz! I am so very thrilled and happy to read this post. Well done you! And to Pat too! She must be so glad. Loads of love and plenty of hugs to you both. Take care of each other as always. Come up to Mtunzini soon and celebrate with me on the beach where we all shared some super memories.

  12. Yay! Glad to hear things are going so well. Sending love and hugs XXX

  13. So, so, so thrilled about this news; you and Pat must be feeling so chuffed. I completely agree with you on the Oz story. Fuckit, one’s got to do these things with all the bells and whistles. Carpe Diem, Lizzie!

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