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At home – visuals

The week began with the fun of watching Joan and Kathy doing the PDAC. I feel bad that I didn’t see Denise come past but good on her! I want to be her when I grow up!

And there was the swim:

 Since then Pat’s given me a haircut – because the hair was sticking up every which way. So I’m back to a number 4, with the hair a bit thinner, but strangely growing out brown not grey. Weird. Hopefully this will last till the CANSA Shavathon on the 4th/5th March.

So much to be happy with in this week. I went to work 4 of the days – nice to see everyone. Planning our TES workshop for the 4th/5th/6th March was fun on Thursday with Kathleen, Sibongile and Shubs. I think it’s going to be fascinating. Friday’s pop in to see Gita’s new group of Pioneers start off the e-Learning adventure was grand.

All the Mistresses of Mastery (my M students) are making me very proud with their thinking and writing (how about a new blog post Bwalya?). Not that it’s about me, but it’s really exciting to watch the growth and insight. Did I ever mention that I love the ‘real’ bits of my job?

Thursday’s evening with Paulette, Sam C, Sioux, Nicky, and Bev was divine. Great conversation and great company. And I had a cheat night – seafood pizza with extra garlic and chilli, AND a glass of red wine. No ill-effects on the surface of things. Part of me worries that that means I’ve acclimated to the chemo and it’s not working anymore, yet I feel great.

And what a lekker surprise when Kathy just popped in for a visit and a paddle in the pool – me too – the water’s so warm there are no zings.

It’s probably not surprising that today being the first day post-chemo – and the busy week – that I was feeling a bit lomp today, but there are joys – even when the clouds come up.    I started the day with a Mango/nectarine/lemon/mint smoothie (with Bulgarian yog). I think I’ll lose the lemon/mint next time. Victoria enjoyed hers, but Pat pulls a face like a baby being given Nestum or something she doesn’t like. Texture is everything for her – she raved this week about the taste of the lettuce from our garden.

It hasn’t been a hectic day – more of a sit in front of the computer/s/gadgets and make them work kind of day, with knees were doing their wobble thing. Eventually in spite of having Skype open on the Mac, my iPad and my PC, Sam caught me on the phone, after a week of trying to contact me.  The beauty of Skype is that Sam and Mum can see that I’m looking as good as I’m sounding. At least that’s what everyone says. I’m feeling so smart to get it working. Maybe that’s why they call them smartphones – they become your extended memory and connections are a snip. I did have a great Skype call with Lou last night – on my phone. Mind you, Lou must have been feeling sea sick with me moving around with it in my hand. So nice to catch up with my sisters. I think everyone should have sisters -they are a port in a storm and sense when nothing else does.

Pat and I prowled the garden with our smartphones looking for shots today. I think I won the garden photo competition with the spray of Mandevillia – that riot of yellow. (Yellow is speaking to me at the moment.) Pepper managed to steal the giant bone that Rocky brought home from school, but Rocky has re-comandeered it, and won’t come in till he’s finished in case she nicks it back. I think he’ll be out all night. The other excitement was noticing that the next crop of pomelos are growing. They only finish growing in October/November so these look like they are going to be giants.

Watching the bronze mannikins and the canaries at the feeder is a joy. And there’s a sunbird nesting in the tree at the gate, the gymnogenes squeek in the palm tree in the drive – haven’t got a chance to get a shot of that. Maybe a picture of the bespattered driveway will do?

I’m specially pleased that I’ve mastered the landscape/stitch feature on the phone too.

We’ve just finished watching Chicago – lent to us by Karen R – and Pat loves Catherine Zeta Jones – so she was fixated.

Gordon from PaveSeal is coming on Monday to do his magic with the patio – I’m so looking forward to not looking at a sea of weeds growing through the cracks – Kathy even started weeding as we were chatting! It’s bothered me for years and now it’s going to be fixed – yay!

A lovely drenching rain is falling now – no thunder yet – so I think I’ll sit back and listen to it and watch Fuzzy Face being cute.



Comments on: "At home – visuals" (5)

  1. Sharon Bessell said:

    We could complete in a team triathlon here. Joan and Kathy walking strong, Liz strong in the pool … should Ray and I get out the bicycles? Pics are great Liz. Love reading your blogs!

    • Not sure about strong in the pool – but today I really wish the patio guys would finish early – so I can do some training for the team!

  2. Karen Read said:

    Great to see all the pics – and those lettuces are enviable! Sending love and hugs XXX

  3. Hey Liz – sounds good on all fronts – the best way to go. This was a good way to begin Monday. Hope to see you guys sometime this week.


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