Liz's colonic journey

Quick updates: Achievements

The most exciting thing today was the delivery – expeditiously, effectively, efficiently on time, with 15 minutes to install and brief me by Andrew of HomeOrganics. This young man has a philosophy I can live with – veggie gardening should not add to your chores – and not interfere with texting or sitting on the porch enjoyment. That’s a recipe for business success if ever I heard one.










How lovely do they look?

Other doings were: I reviewed a journal article for HERD (and considered reactivating my associate editor status – which I temporarily suspended when I got my diagnosis), read Nalini’s article for FAC – it’s going to be splendid and maybe the start of a D, Nalini?  I managed to connect the dots in terms of funding for the travel arrangements of our Transforming Educational Studies workshop in March thanks largely to the ever supportive and effective, Shubs. And finished upgrading my pc – it’s amazing how one gets to know one’s own machine – and how one takes for granted the programmes that one has accumulated. I went though 41 Gbs of data and programmes deciding on whether to chuck or keep them. I hope I haven’t deleted anything important! Housekeeping.

I now just have to remember my DUT password – chemo brain seems to have deleted it from my consciousness. Fortumately, my iPad seems to download work email without the security settings so I’m still in touch. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that but I did think maybe Vijay might want to know that tablets have different security abilities to PCs.

Adrian and Cynthia did a fabulous job of plastering the previous holes in the wall from the removal of the old airconditioners.

And lastly, I walked about a km with Pepper, very slowly, wearing my 1kg ankle weights. This in the effort to build up my leg strength. I was knackered when we got back. Strangely the extra weight on my ankles made me feel more stable and my knees were less wobbly.

Are you having fun yet?









Comments on: "Quick updates: Achievements" (9)

  1. Dear Liz, u are so amazing and always so willing to help, thank u sooo much…i really apprecriate the feedback on my paper and hope to turn it into something worth reading. The veges look great. I’ve started my own small patch at home, just have lettuce & some garnishing stuff for now but hope to grow more. We are actually quite healthy at the office nowadays. Mari was pleasantly surprised to see us with salad and healthy breads for lunch…and that too after our hectic meeting. Hope the healthy eating plan stays.
    Sending u much love & good wishes 🙂

  2. pansies and nasturtiums are also edible , add colour and fox the monkeys into thinking there is nothing there to eat . sometimes.

    Glad to hear you are sounding so chipper!

  3. Noeleen Green said:

    Noeleen Green says : Wow Liz I envy you your veggie tables. Saw them at Home and Garden show last year and receive the Home Oganics newsletter! Let us know how the veggies are doing! I was given a three tier clover leaf potting device with all the chicken litter, organic fertilisers etc from Gibaorganics and am planting them up with flowering annuals so will see how that goes!

    • Sounds magnificent Noelene – I do love the veggie tables, though Cynthia says that the shade cloth green housy is the thing to get with the monkeys. Are you vegie gardening from the stoep with your clover leaf? I think vegetables are beautiful and with flowers alongside even better. Certainly the marigolds are keeping the noo-noos away. All success – maybe we can have a veggie barrow together one day?! So nice to hear from you – hope everything is going well with you.

  4. Louise Willison said:

    I think the seed trays are “fantabulous”. Gardening is so therapeautic, wish I had more time. It’s something I’ve been threatening for years. I thought perhaps this year would be the one but sadly I haven’t got there.

    All these nice new things in the Smith/Harrison household. I think you should post a pic of you and Pat in your nice new recliner chairs. Make us all jealous!!

    Love you sis

    • Recliners only come next week, but that’s Ok nice to look forward to things! My hope is that we’ll remember the veggies when we’re sitting on the porch!
      You need to enjoy your time!
      Love you back,

  5. Hi Liz
    The raised beds look lovely – and so practical … when is your first organic farmers market being held? I’m first in the Q for spinach ……
    Weight, like in your ankle weights, is an interesting modality – and not something I really don’t know enough about! But many of my colleagues use weighted cuffs in treatment to stabilize involuntary movements, add propriaceptive feedback to muscles, calm autistic and hyperactive children and to strengthen weak muscles … so you are getting the benfits -whatever the complicated neurological manner of working (that I can’t hope to explain!)
    I’m sure Pepper enjoyed her walk, and while it was rather hot late yesterday, it must have done your soul good to get out too
    Enjoy the gardening. You know how we add descriptors to peoples names at RWFL – like when we have two Liz’s etc; you are now going to be know (in my books) as gardening Liz.

    • Well the veggies really enjoyed the 28cm downpour last night and have come through looking healthy and sprightly – or should I say ‘sproutly’? It would be great to produce enough to give away. I’m starting to think cabbage now with all this green leafy stuff around. I don’t think Pat and I have eaten cabbage apart from coleslaw for 20 years! Maybe some brussel sprouts and broccolli (another 2 of Pat’s non-favourite braccassas!

      Thanks for the vindication of the weights idea – my thigh and shin muscles gave notice that they had noticed the exercise, last night. Not sore or stiff enough to warrant ice packs – just a pleasant awareness. And that for just a short slow walk down the road – which shows that even the mildest of exercise is good.

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