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It’s been a funny old weekend. I was tired on Friday after the chemo bubble removal and a brief  pharmacy and vet visit. I pretty much slothed around. I’ve mentioned how the weak knees worry me because it feels like they are going to collapse. Yesterday I was walking in sympathy with Madiba. You know, stiff legs, careful placement of the feet, no bounce in the ankle or hips. Apparently it’s part of the chemo neuropathy – that and feeling dislocated in space. I’ve got used to the zings now and they don’t worry me so much, the weakness did, `i felt convinced that my legs can’t have forgotten to be strong so quickly.

It’s the peripheral nervous system not sending messages properly – apparently. Happily Karen R came round to visit and we had a lovely, gentle chat, which didn’t need me to be moving around to forget my self-absorption, and she very kindly walked slowly around the garden with me. I had to show her our veggie patch since she was the author of it. Arriving in her old bakkie loaded with seedlings as she did (which has since been stolen – I have to believe that what goes around comes around and the person who stole it will pay the price – for robbing her of her vehicle of grace and generosity. Karen isn’t carrying it. She’s remarkable.)

She was excited as we are about the imminent arrival of our veggie planter tables which are a part of the patio renovation. The planters come tomorrow – the patio is only being done on the 6th. We’ve got time to get them well started with seedlings.

So yesterday was a bit of a couch day. Light in spirit but heavy legs. This morning was better. The two litres of filtered water that I drink every day, seems to help. Dinner was leek and potato soup.

This morning I was up early as usual because of the Rocky stare, followed by tail wagging that shaakes the bed and crowing because I cracked an eyelid. I have no idea why he picks on me – he leaves Pat alone – which seems unfair to me. It was fine though, I made their breakfast in time for 7am, and then sat on the porch with my decaff coffee of the day (Jacobs) – I even had half a cherry and sunflower seed rusk, while I watched the canaries and mannikins at the feeder,  and an Egyptian goose bullying a hadeda off Jimmy next door’s roof. Then I started upgrading my pc from Windows xp to Windows 7.  When Pat got up – it was starting to get hot on the porch, so I stuck my head in the swimming pool, fabulous – then I  changed into my bathers and got in up to my waist – with Rocky swimming as well. He was really sweet and waited for me to lean on him getting out. So I didn’t actually swim but strangely the cool/warm water made my legs feel stronger. How weird is that?

Then, I decided to do something with the two bags of grenadillas that Pat bought the other day on the strength of a craving when she fetched me from chemo  – she passed on the litchis and guavas the side of the road vendors are currently selling in Durban.  I suspect that she was looking for sour flavours not sweet- sweet. I got quarter of a jug of  grenadilla juice from about 20, then I juiced a carton of mango slices, some grapes and left over fruit salad. A Spritz of lemon juice and half a litre of filtered water  made a delicious drink full of roughage!  At least Carol and Pat said it was tasty and it spoke to my wobbly knees. You will have gathered – intelligent folk that you are – that Carol T came to visit – popping in becaause she’s up from GTown- and what a lovely conversation we had. I was sorry she couldn’t stay longer, but as always the time was divinee and the conversation stimulating as we talked of Victorian views on health – Madam Blavatsky and Mary Baker Eddy.

Then Pat and  I decided that we were hungry and that nothing in the fridge was talking to us, so we went up to the Heritage Market and had breakfast (at 12:30)  followed by a slow mosey around the fresh food market there, where I was fascinated by the bees swarming aunnd the baklava (yum). We watched the last balls of the South African innings, bought nuts, mint and mangos – should have bought melon but forgot.


We stopped at Mr Price sport and bought some ankle weights so I can do lite sitting on the couch leg exercises. Both of us were then struck by an urgent need to get home to the facilities – I guess my juice of the morning did the regularity trick!  We both collapsed for an afternoon nap at that point – rain had interrupted play in the cricket match – so it was a sign. In the meantime my computer was finding itself a new identity as a Windows 7 machine. I hope I haven’t lost any data. I did back up to my external hard drive. I’m typing this on my iPad which is a bit of a pain because the bluetooth keyboard is so light. As I learned to type on an old Remington stand up ribbon typewriter – I tend to be heavy on keyboards! So forgive any double letters I’ve missed in this post.

Last discovery of the day before the sun went down was that Jim and Jean – two gymnogenes are nesting in the palm in the front driveway. Much squeaking and high pitch wwhistling as Jean directs nest building operations. This is the 5th season a pair has come to roost here. We feel quite honoured even though the drive will take on the same Jackson Pollock look that the side of the house has from the fruit bats’ bombing runs. 633 Squadron has nothing on this!


My computer is still defining itself with updates and downloads – and that’s my excuse for not working on the paper today, Joan, Thenji and Kathleen!  Pat’s car goes in for a long overrdue service tomorrow at 6:45, then the veggie planters will be arriving along with Adrian and Cynthia who are doing the last ancient aircon extraction tomorrow. If the legs are strong I hope to go into work – otherwise I’ll be Skyping in – to avoid the hot knee weakness – still no aircon. With 30C+ heat and the humidity adding 5C not to mention all the computers in the lab and the fact that the building sits on the aqufer that feeds Currie’s Fountain – comfort is key to productivity. Love technology!  I feel a bit like an Ed Techie today, nice feeling.

And just for the record – I still don’t feel like a sick person – maybe I just haven’t noticed!


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  1. Hey Liz
    As usual it is such a pleasure to read your blog and to hear your chirpiness (wow – interesting spelling). Wobbly legs I have no doubt are not at all pleasant, but it sounds as though you are coping remarkably well, with a little help from Rocky. Intelligent dog that! Glad to hear that Carol was around and chatting – I was just thinking how much I miss her around here. How amazing to have the gymnogenes right there – despite the calling cards. Love to you and to Pat – Ruth

  2. Hi Lizzie, although I don’t manage to chat to you as often as I would like to, I think of you (and Pat) daily and I miss your blog when it doesn’t appear for a few days. You have such wonderful outlook on life – one cannot help be inspired by it.

    I am have dealing with my dad’s health issues on a daily basis for the past 6 months or so, so I know how exhausting it all can be. I try hard to adopt your pragmatic and yet philosophical approah to everything that is happening around me.

    I am hoping to visit Brigitte and jackie (and obviously The Powell) as soon as Amy leaves for Rhodes and perhaps you and Pat will see fit to come on down the hill for some festivities. Lots and lots of love. lee

    • Hey Lee kiddo, I’m glad that the blog is giving you strength. Dealing with aging parents is very hard. And when they are constantly ill it’s draining. Just remember you are stronger than you believe and stronger more through your friends and loved ones. None of us can do this life-trip alone. Just remember to look after you – so many people depend on you being together – it’s worth the investment. Will definitely come down the hill for festivities and for sharing.
      Lots of love,

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