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Weird, wobbly and awol

My word work is a bugger isn’t it? It really messes up one’s social life. Actually I had every intention of going in to work yesterday. And I woke up feeling pretty strong and able, thanks to the poignant Rocky gaze at 6am. He gets so excited when I crack an eyelid that he crows! By the time we’d done the feed, the brush and the walk to school I was knackered, so I was back in bed by 8.30. True I was up again at 9.30 and worked flat out on the proofs for the book until 1pm. Then I got dizzy from concentration and took to my bed again until 3pm – out for the count.

Cynthia and Adrian came over to take out the old airconditioners and brick up the holes in preparation for the new silent ones we’ve ordered . What a great team they are, such good friends and so strong despite Adrian’s own health struggles – really inspiring. Coincidentally it was a rainy day, which is what Pat and I have always worried about saving for – so it was appropriate that we were finally getting our comfort levels sorted!

In spite of their work I was completely undisturbed in my naps which told me that these last days of a post-chemo round seem to knock me out the worst. I felt so horribly lomp – the afrikaans word for limp plants – boneless.  The tomato and beef soup that Pat and I had for lunch with pita bread (I didn’t actually eat any of the beef – Pepper enjoyed it though) seemed to put some voema in my legs, because suddenly at 4pm I felt like going for a walk so off Pepper and I went – managed the full km around the block. She get so excited and clearly wants to run but she seems to know when it isn’t an option. I wish I could have taken a pic this afternoon when Sharon came round to take her for a longer, quicker run. I swear she was leaping 6 feet into the air with joy when she saw Sharon’s car pull up. I did catch them on the way back, when they picked up Rocky from school. For a dog, Pepper is a very happy bunny!

Back to yesterday and then I’ll talk about Sunday. So after my walk and sitting on the porch, I really was quite lively. I could have gone to work then, but it was already 6pm. I got caught up with some emaily things including ordering a planter stand from Home Organics (spending the life insurance again) I love the look of them and plan to arrange them over the new beds we’ll have against the wall when our patio is restored, that’s oneof the few places in the garden that has full sun – such a pity to waste it on weeds that invade the patio!  We know this because the Mandevillia that was a stick on the other side of the garden and then got squashed when the neighbour came through the wall, is now magnificent.

So full of yellow energy and it’s talking to me – could it be that it’s because yellow is associated with the chakra closest to the stomach etc? Bwalya and Liza will have to forgive my amateur cellphone photography. I need to get my new phone I’m sure it will make me a better picture taker.

Janet came round for tea – looking fabulous in her lovely turquoise outfit including the lovely jewellery that she makes from really interesting beads. That colour really spoke to me too. She was on her way to walking. Nice to catch up with her too. It reminded me that we all had some serious bumps and lumps in 2011, yet we’re here and doing and being what we are. Janet is an inspiration.

See the new bed is essential, although the veggie patch is looking great – I’m eating more greens than it can produce even though we’re taking only a leaf at a time from the plants and eating everything that the celery delivers including the leaves.

The new seedlings that I put in two weeks ago are starting to stand up by themselves – the carrots, kale and chard. Unfortunately the gems turned up their toes/roots – they definitely need more sun. I know the feeling – that’s how I felt on Sunday when we went round to Jackie and Brigitte’s for B’s 51st birthday curry afternoon. What a wonderful afternoon, with friends and kids all in and out of the pool not worrying about dripping. And much laughter and fun as B tried on her new sporting lycra. The sounds of ‘Marco Polo’ reminded me of my youth in Edenvale on hot summer days we were in the pool constantly.  I remember working out at 16 that I’d be 40 in the year 2001 (we were then dealing with Orwell’s 1984 coming up!) and I loved the movie soundtrack. I was quite sure that I’d be dead by then,  because how impossibly old is 40?

Also entertaining were the antics of Zara’s new Jack Russell pup, Toffee. Chewing Fudge and a bone that was seriously ambitious! What a cutie and thoroughly fearless despite her wobbly legs – a lesson!









I’ve just worked out why I suddenly was revving from 4pm yesterday. I’d drunk three of those Woolworths vitamin waters including the Dragonberry purple one, which is my favourite. I think the chemo slows processing so all those vitamins probably only hit at then!  I was still wide awake at 11pm last night which was weird considering how tired I’d felt earlier and how wobbly my knees were.

Going into work today was on the cards but it was another lomp, wobbly knee day so I just sat at my desk and worked on the book proofs. The good news of today is that the book proofs, index and all went back to the publisher and the bloods are all good for tomorrow’s chemo. I was a bit worried that the wobbly legs were related to red cell counts but clearly it was just the last of the drips from last week passing through.

I’ll be reading Sumi and Liza’s latest writings tomorrow during that session. I think that counts as work. I miss seeing my colleagues but am not brave enough to battle that office heat!


Comments on: "Weird, wobbly and awol" (2)

  1. I so love the way you are documenting daily life, Liz. Thanks so much for sharing. What a treat to read this in the Bidvest Lounge at OR Tambo Airport after a busy and hot two days in Gaborone. Wasn’t it William Blake who said something about seeing ‘eternity in a flower’?
    Strength and love to you and Pat, Fiona xx

    • I’m having fun with life, I just hope it doesn’t get too boring! Making a nightmare into a fantasy is proving quite a challenge! Indeed Eternity in a flower – did you see Sioux’s link to the new Leonard Cohen song “Going Home”? It made me laugh – beautiful.

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