Liz's colonic journey

We didn’t go to Jax & Brigitte last night for a prawn braai, unfortunately missing the celebration of Sam C’s 40th. It was disappointing but for the best, given that I wasn’t at my sparkling best. We had a had a lovely time at T & J’s beautiful new home on Thursday, even tho I’ve now addicted D to iPads.  They might not invite us back! That would be a pity because the chicken was delicious and the accessories, including corn on the cob were fabulous. Champion, as my paternal grandmother used to say.

Then on Friday morning, I was up at 5.30 (doggie looks) and Pat and I faffed with the pool  (I’m quite sure that Blu 52 does not effect male potency despite having blue stuff in it, Brian, – the hadedas drink it all the time and there’s no shortage of them!) and chatted until 7.30.  I sat on the couch with a strong feeling that I was ‘supposed to be doing something’, but had a problem remembering what day it was. Then it dawned – breakfast with the A & B walking teams – @7am! Luckily, they hadn’t got their grub yet, so I was able to nip down to Knowles’ Nibble and Natter in time to have the final coffee (red cappucino for me) with them. It was so nice to see them all, and to solve world problems and to construct a new cabinet for the SA government consisting of ourselves. Not sure that I fancy the Ministry of Ed though! Good belly aerobics.


I ran out of steam yesterday morning, suddenly having weak legs, dire rear, and some nausea. The sniffles and the cough were worse. I felt gypped after having such a strong week and feeling almost the old normal having only taken the usual meds for cholestrol, thyroid and hormones all week. I slept until 9.30 and was back in bed at 11:30 till 2pm. It was clearly a couch day. So I couched, while Pat beaded and did genealogy, thinking that, with the rest, I’d be able to party in the evening. At 5 we had to face the fact that I needed to be close to the loo, and a bed. What a downer that would be at a party, especially as I wouldn’t be drunk!

I managed to stay up till 11 when my eyes were closing through the Royal Variety Concert – our ritual for at home, quiet New Year’s.  It was funny because I managed about an hour’s nap, before the Screaming Witches had Rocky and Pepper all jumpy. So Pat and I watched a documentary about the Chinese rural legal system, which was fascinating. I had a Cape Velvet (ja, alcohol’s a no-no with the liver but it was good!) and she had a tipple of Kahlua. I swear that little dop has helped to make the sniffles and the hacking cough better. Certainly when I returned to my bed at about 1am, I conked out without a hack or a splutter.

So here we are in 2012 – aparently the last year before the end of the world in December, according to the Mayan Calendar, say some.

That’s why I loved this cartoon that Sioux shared on FaceBook. We enjoyed all the HNY messages and reminded ourselves of all our goals.

Today is beautiful. I played with the new iPad app called Skitch. This is the result from a view from the porch with thoughts attached.

So feeling good on the 1st of the year! Happy New Year to all.


Comments on: "Slo and Lo but heading up again" (10)

  1. Hi Liz, happy new year to you, Pat & ur furry friends. We spent new years in mumbai, first time away from home. Was back in durbs yesterday. Trying to catch up on ur blog. Here’s wishing that this new year is gonna be a better & brighter one for u all.
    Sending u lots of luv, hugs & good wishes

  2. … my first motions of the new year were family orientated (that’s why I love this time) ) injected with bursts of swimming and old stories_ only the humorous ones, that generally involved a dog… maybe i should call them dog tales…(Rocky and Pepper would have been proud). I am reminded of how we don’t do this often enough_ our lives, I mean my life… is sometimes too preoccupied with other stuff that really shouldn’t matter as much… but am grateful I can change that! 🙂 NY

    • I’m afraid the notion of ‘motions’ has a completely different resonance for me, Liza! What works though is that they have in common success, fun and meaning. I like the way you are being connected with what counts. Excellent foundation for a great year, I’m thinking.

  3. well then you could have the communcation port folio if you wish ……..

    wishing you well for 2012, your enthusiasm is infectious.

    • Well Communications, I can’t screw that up worse than it is already, right? Do you think blunt and straightforward would work to avoid ‘spin-dizziness’?

  4. Hi Liz, Pat and Furry family…..a happy New Year to you all! What a gorgeous day to welcome in 2012…enjoying the sea (harbour?) breeze coming in my window and lots of birdsong here in Glenwood,,,wishing you all good things!

    • If today is an indication 2012 is going to be fabulous – the breeze and the birds were good in Pinetown too. All the best to you all as well.

  5. Dee Pratt said:

    Happy New Year! Was in throes of searching for free ePub converter (to PDF) when I saw this post. I have rediscovered reading for pleasure while madly multitasking (theses, learning to use Kindle/iPad together, amassing huge research library, designing workshops, student meetings running right up to 29 Dec, downloading software for all the new files). In the last two days I read Book 13 of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” (over 1200 pages) only to find it was part 1 only, so we haven’t got to the Last Battle at Shayol Ghul yet – damn! Have been getting quite burnt out, and I suddenly realized (once more) just how tired mental activity can make you. You just don’t see it happening as clearly as physical fatigue. “Mental” perhaps wrong term, I mean also emotional, social, anything which grabs your attention. I was surprised to find how exhausting reading is (I mean, reading for pleasure). Why am I commenting on this? Because of your comments about fatigue, which in your case is like “post op fatigue”(but not yet “post” as the chemotherapy goes on). We keep getting exhorted to “live in the moment”, but it’s okay to park off. Will stop here, as I really don’t like typing on iPad, but I find to my surprise that I do like reading books on it!

    • See I cheat – I listened to Book 13.1 of the Wheel of Time series on my iPod and got as frustrated as you that the saga is not finished! I think mentally I’ve got lazy. I worked out that living in the moment also includes couch moments of just gazing at the ceiling! I also hate typing on the iPad, probably because I can type – but the predictive text is not to my liking at all. Doing the blog on it is pure PT, because the WordPress app doesn’t work well at all!

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