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Summer Lovin’

Once a year in the summer, a man appears at our gate and asks to borrow Rocky for the day. He has a female Golden Retriever. Rocky’s getting on, but apparently he still has what it takes in terms of making Rocklets. I don’t think he was very successful last year, when the lady retriever came to visit us for the day. Possibly Rocky had too much fur and was more interested in swimming. He was shattered for three days after that visit!   Yesterday was his day – he’s gone off up the road to Padfield Rd for a day of summer loving. He hadn’t even eaten his breakfast yet – so I hope he gets other kinds of treats to keep his energy up. Maybe the puppy cut will help too.

I felt good yesterday despite a threatening sore throat and post-nasal drip. I had pineapple and beetroot juice and squeezed grapefruit for later. I’d planned to quickly vacuum because the dustbunny build-up is getting aggressive – they’re starting to follow us around the house! However, Joan C popped in to visit, which was much more fun in the heat!

I tried out my new pressure cooker– it’s a monster – all digital with a space age lid. It switches itself on and off like a microwave. All you have to do is remember to turn the knob to ‘exhaust’ before you open it. I just did veggies – not having a ham bone handy – due to dogs. I suspect that I’ll have to feel very bad to be tempted to eat the soup – though Pat was quite keen! It’s been frozen into little tupperwares, as was the leftover potjiekos. All those vegetables have to be good.

 I enjoyed the Skype calls with my mum, and Andy and,when I Skyped Sam, I enjoyed seeing Dougal sprawled out over Cleo, Sam and Hamish’s retriever,  and hearing the Felice Navedad Santa that Lou sent him. The best was the sweet little “Thank you Mummy” for his digestive biscuit! Hamish was chatty and took the Pad on a tour of the house to show me around. It really is lovely, and so spacious.  I had a glass of red wine on Xmas day. Luckily for me, my tum is moving slow – so I only felt dizzy on Boxing Day!

Sharon came round to walk Pepper, or is that to be walked by Pepper? I was out shopping (I really had to talk hard to myself to go out!). When I got home I just saw the very happy Pepper and the exhausted Rocky. 

Today, we went shopping for camping chairs because Noreen, a walking friend of Pat’s  is organising for us to go and watch the barn swallows, near the new airport, at sunset one of these days. Remember the concern when they built the new airport that these birds would be displaced? Seems like they don’t mind jet competition or do they? We splashed out and bought the fancy ones with the high backs and cushions, very sturdy. Pat finally got her hair cut – it was driving her nuts in the heat – while I waited in the Wimpy drinking a decaff latte and reading some proofs on my iPad. I was a bit tired already, but happily not feeling sick or crampy. It really bothers me that I can’t walk to the gate without getting heart palpitations! I’m much stronger than I was two weeks ago – so that’s good. I’m putting it down to mincepies and Xmas pud.

 Pat had her favourite Wimpy breakfast, then we finally achieved the purchase of a hoe at the hardware store. We’ve been in twice in the last two weeks and selected the handle and the head, but got distracted and ended up leaving them behind. The store was still out of stock of watering cans. Last year it was fly-traps. Something wrong with their stocktaking systems!

I had a nice nap when we got home. I got up full of intention and used the new hoe to extend and weed the veggie patch. It was rainy today with only a 2 UV rating, so it was nice to be out there and getting soil under my nails. I planted the two lavender bushes that Joan C gave us. They and the marigolds that I threw in, seem to be warding the noo-noos (but not Rocky’s landmines) off the swiss chard!

Sharon flew in this afternoon, very excited because she’d found a mini-loaf of gluten-free bread at Woollies in the Pavilion. She had to bring it straight to me. So kind. And how exciting to have actually tracked the stuff down!  See how lucky I am in the amazing people I know? I was trying to work out exactly what plant materials are gluten-free and considering getting a bread maker. With all the juicing, smoothing, pressurising, if I got another kitchen gadget I’d have to change my name to Nigella!

Then Ruth and George, popped in for a visit on their way back to PMB. We had some good laughs and reminiscences. As they were leaving, Kathy arrived bearing a lovely bouquet of daisies and bright gerberas, on her way to walking. Pat couldn’t con her into a G & T, but it was nice chatting about her recent trip to Scotland, potjie recipes and what her cats are up to.

It’s been a busy day so I’m feeling pleasantly tired as opposed to chemo heavy. Much better.




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  1. Hello Liz and Pat_ I have been caught up in the Xmas ‘stocking’_ the stocking of family, gifts, food and summer outdoor festive fun. Today I am catching up on my electronic mail and the reading it provides, before 2012! Talking about reading_ I wanted to let you know I just finished ‘Clan Of the Cave Bear’… am Ayla inspired and feeling that warrior spirit… Thanks for the suggestion to read the book. Happy to hear all is well and high spirited in your Clan… intrigued that Rocky is ‘possibly’ extending your clan… even though they might not all live at your hearth. In the spirit of a new year, shaped but not formed by previous years experiences, I share this extract from Auel: “She felt the individuality of her own cells and knew when they split and differentiated in the warm, nurturing waters still carried within her. They grew, split and diverged, and motion had purpose. Again a divergence, and soft pulsations of life became hard and gave shape and form.” (316)…. Happy New Year! Sending lots of love.

  2. Sounds like a Good Day was had by all. I’m being terrorised by a very tiny ball of fur as I type this. My hands have been shredded. Any movement is met with a dramatic pounce – and fingers tapping at a keyboard complete with reflections on the screen are the most enticing of movements. The dogs’ noses are completely out of joint – but Apple hasn’t bitten little Calico yet so it’s all good. Aren’t we lucky to have furry friends? XXX

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