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Living in the moment

Do any of you remember Giles’ cartoons? They are one of my secret pleasures. His cartoons are full of life, and my favourite is Granny Giles, of the padlocked handbag, and penchant for horseracing.  Aunty Vera is always sniffing in the background and Butch, the dog, always is embarrassing at Crufts.

Here’s my Christmas choice of Giles cartoons, proving that in actual fact not much has changed since1982, except Skype and Blogs and FaceBook and smartphones….

Beware of where you put the mistletoe this Christmas!

I’ve been off-blog because I’ve been living in the moment with the Willisons. It’s been very entertaining for the last 3 days – I think I’ll ask Lou to do a guest blog and she can tell you from her point of view.

She has been feeding me up, the roast chicken and trimmings she made on Tuesday was delish (I had two helpings) and the braai that Brian selected and Tyler cooked on Wednesday, pork chops, was nicely complemented by Robyn’s excellent salads. I had lots. Then we went to the Blockman last night, and I steered clear of garlic – and went with a lovely fresh salad which I polished off with alacrity. Actually the bruschetta, smoked salmon and avo that I had at lunch time yesterday was brilliant too. I’ve put on 3kgs since last week’s famine. It really is quite peculiar.

I’m sure they put steroids or feel-good muti into the chemo, because I’ve felt so strong this week. Four hours in Gateway yesterday, Christmas shopping, is proof. I must ask the onco sisters. It makes sense that that would encourage people to go back for their chemo, apparently a lot of people just don’t show up for their treatments especially at this time of the year. (Are any of you avoiding Eastenders’ cancer plot line as much as I am at the moment?)

I think I’ve managed to do all my Christmas shopping. Thank goodness for online shopping. It’s not that it takes any less time – you still have to think carefully and focussedly about the person you are wanting to treat, but at least you don’t have to walk miles and battle the crowds. The secret is knowing what to look for – always the challenge.

Pat and I are giving each other a recliner for Christmas. I ordered them today. They’ll be delivered at the end of January. And the tree is up with Karen’s lovely gift of the Elvis figurine from her trip to Memphis and Graceland. Our tree is full of interesting memorabilia. From the faux suede little boots that are a the remainder of the first little treelet we had in Olive’s flat, to my dad’s Xmas lantern lights which he religiously checked every year and marked with the date and time he checked each bulb (and spares), to the Seven of Nine figurine that reminds me of my active time in the Xenaverse, when I got to know Karen, and the apple decs with the names of loved ones, some gone, some still with us.  Many stories in our tree, capturing the year gone by and the years before that.  It doesn’t have to be balanced, it just needs to tell our stories.

Our tree pleases me – even if it doesn’t smell of pine.        

The routine seems to be that I’m strong through chemo, I even suggested hiring bikes and trawling the Durban beachfront yesterday – perhaps it was a bit hot at 33 degrees and 80% humidity? The suggestion of a cocktail at Moyos pier end didn’t seem to entrance Brian. We shopped instead. Gateway was a pleasure. Pity it’s so far from Pinetown. Paulette couldn’t believe that we were mad enough to be there at 2pm!

It’s seems to be the time after the dripping that the side-effects start, as soon as the bulb is empty. Zinging fingers and toes this morning. And perhaps a bit of tiredness.

I’m hoping that this time round the tum is not going to play up, because I’d like to go on the picnic with the A & B walking teams on Wednesday.

Pat and I are planning to have a Christmas potjie this year. We’ve never made potjie in our lives, but the idea appeals, if the tum is playing up. Seems that the weather gods are going for rainy this Christmas Day, so it should be an interesting experience. We’ll let you know how it goes!

Thank you for all your care and thoughts, and staying connected through texts when I’m not blogging. Happy Christmas Eve, and may your thoughts of loved ones here and gone, please you. May the sadnesses be replaced by the moment of meaning.

Oh yes I nearly forgot – This one from Annie gave me some good belly aerobics! Aren’t you glad it’s summer in SA?








Comments on: "Living in the moment" (3)

  1. Hi – your energy is astounding – packing so much life into the moment – and you then have the energy to write about it! I tried to comment from my iPad, but it suddenly wanted me to enter all my details again, so – sod that – I went on to my computer. I have so much to tell you about the iPad, but it can wait: suffice it to say that I know exactly what you mean about losing stuff you spend hours on. Well, it must be resonating somewhere in the unique-verse!
    Luv and Christmas hugs

  2. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz, I was just telling you how pleased I was that the BBOH would be happily smoking dope in Jamaica next year, and happy that you are having a good week, when My Comment also flew off somewhere, so if you got it half assed, that’s why! So… It is so good to hear about the grand time you are having with your FFDU (family from down under), and thank you for the Giles… also one of my all time favourites!!! And … May your Christmas potjie be as flavourful as your tree, and may it the first of many which grow in interest and expertise as the years go by! I send you all much love, wishes for wonderful memories of times past, and memory making for times to come, and many laughs of the belly kind … which will imply a happy tum! Joan

    • The lost comment didn’t come through half assed, but this one came through loud and clear. Thanks for the love and vibes. I know the feeling though. Last week I spent several hours responding to all the caring comments using my iPad but something went wrong and they didn’t ‘stick’.
      This visit was the family from the Far East – Nelspruit!

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