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Holiday happy

I meant to blog yesterday, but shoppingonline took up nearly as much time as going to a shopping centre. Good though because it’s not as tiring as moseying with the crowds. Apparently the Pav was madness yesterday.

So Brian,Lou, Robz & Tyler tried to go there to shop, I did not. I love this heat but it got too hot outside even for me. I stayed inside in the cool and took a lovely nap, after having done the blood test and bought doggie supplies for the holidays. Lugging 12 kgs of Hills joint mobility food tired me out I think. I don’t want you to think that there wasn’t able and willing help, I just didn’t think about it. One of those ‘remembering the new normal’ things.
Also I ‘ve been feeling so good the last couple of days, and especially good having the Willisons here. I want to post a picture of Lou having a shot of wheatgrass, with me in a sympathy action, in the morning! It is a fabulous laugh. She’s done it twice in a row. That’s brave!
Unfortunately I can’t post any pics or the great visual joke I’ve had recently, because I’m writing on my iPad, this while I’m having my chemo and I forgot to upload them into Dropbox where I can get at them. Trust me that it is funny. Lou, Rob & T brought me in this morning. You’ll have to ask them about their impressions of the whole set up here.
Lou and Rob made us a scrumptious dinner last night of Roast chook, baby potatoes and salad. I had two big helpings – and a non- alcoholic Bavaria apple beer. We sat on the porch in the warmth laughing and being serious, solving the problems of the world till 9 last night. Well I did. Pat sent me to bed then – probably a good thing. The night before we were up till 11 chatting and eating pizza. I even had 2 tiny G&Ts in celebration of their arrival.
I think there is a plot to feed me up after last week’s feeling grotty and not feeling like eating. I do look rather bony from the weight loss. I don’t think I’ve ever thought so much about food in my life. Luckily the chemo hasn’t changed my taste experience too much, so this time of mince pies, christmas cake, nuts and dried fruit to nibble on etc is a delight.
The smoothie menu yesterday was blueberry/pineapple and today was strawberries and blueberries, with Bulgarian natural yoghurt, a squeeze of honey and low GI muesli. Quite good to banish the wheatgrass taste.
So just letting you know, we’re all good and having fun.Hope you all are feeling so blessed.


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  1. Hi Rosaline, I think it might be easy to forget the real spirit of Christmas, yet I’m very aware of the higher levels of gentleness and love, as people have time to slow down and listen to the kids, and be together. Even the exhausted shop assistants seem to be smiling a lot.That has to be good.
    A happy Christmas and full heart to you and yours also.

  2. okay, so tell us about the xmas smoothie ? mince pies and yoghurt ?

    • Now that’s a thought – the spices of the mincepies with yoghurt. I’ll definitely have to try that though I think biting through nice crunchy pastry is part of the delight! Trust you to come up with a latitudinal idea Elaine. thanks.

  3. Why do people eat wheatgrass, when it clearly tastes like cow-flop? Must be something else that gives same/similar nutrition, but palatable to human beings! And I agree, online shopping (which you got me into) is seriously tedious, especially when you lose the whole cart and have to start again. Wise to stay away from shops: should have a “health warning” on the street doors.

    Glad you’ve got over the “hump” – hang in there!

    Happy Christmas – big hug for you and Pat!

    • Well the wheatgrass is supposed to keep the red blood cell manufacturing up, so Lou and I downing our ‘green dop’ this week has been fun – at least for the others to watch the reactionary shudder. As to whether it works I’m not sure, but since I have a tin of the stuff, and smoothie makings to immediately dismiss the cow-flop flavour, I’ll keep going with it!

      I think the carnivore alternative is red steak, liver etc which is a bit heavy at the moment – though Brian did suggest steak tartare.

  4. Joan Conolly said:

    Hi Liz, I need no piccies!!! I am giggling without … and just so glad that you are feeling good and enjoying having family around … I send lots and lots of best love and energies, and wishes for a happy healthy Christmas to herald in the same, and more, in 2012. Joan

    • The ability to think in cartoons – a blessing! Don’t you love looking at real life and translating into comics? Thanks for the energies and vibes and have a special one yourself.

  5. Glad that you are sounding so upbeat – long may it continue. I really hope that it continues through the rest of the week. Sending you, Pat and the rest of the family lots of hugs, joy and relaxing partying (can those 2 go together?). Have a good Christmas thinking of you all and see you soon.

    • Thanks Ruth – been good this week, and even this morning with it’s first chemo reactions has been fun. Confession though that I’m moving much slower, but am enjoying it.

  6. Hi Liz, I’m glad that you are feeling much better this week. Yes, madness has struck again with everyone wanting everything for Christmas. I think with all the shopping, eating and partying some people forget the true meaning of Christmas. I pray that you have a good post-chemo week. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas . Lots of love, hugs and good wishes.

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