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The trouble with garlic…

This weekend seems to have been a whirl. Time is flying by so fast. Christmas is just around the corner. I’m pretty sure I’ll be relying on online shopping, but more importantly I’m looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree. I love Christmas trees. Not the tree so much but what it and it’s decorations represent. In my youth “looking like a Christmas tree” was code foroverdone bad taste. I like overdone kitsch in a tree. The more colours,lights and decorations the better. I’ll write more about this later, I digress. I’m supposed to be writing about garlic.

I love garlic, unfortunately it seems that it does not like me very much at the moment.  My niece, Robyn, and three friends stayed with us on Saturday night. They’d had a helluva adventurous week, having comedown for a post-exam blitz  and the Ballito Rage. Unfortunately their week involved dealing with a motor vehicle accident which trashed their car, tow trucks, insurance and intimidation from the guy that hit them and tried to escalate the situation by making the youngsters angry. They kept their heads and all their gear and managed to have a good holiday anyway. They are all fine.  This happened last Sunday. They didn’t want to bother Pat and I in the midst of the nuptial celebrations or with the other stuff that was happening. So sweet – though I feel bad that we weren’t there for them. I’m incredibly proud of them for negotiating it all so well?

We went out for dinner at Pinetown’s excellent Blockman restaurant. Brilliant steaks, fabulous sauces , yummy veggies – though not really a vegetarian option for dining. Pat  hadn’t had red meat for two months and I think was looking a bit peaky.  It was great to see them all tucking into good food with such verve. I had dorado topped with prawns – at least I had half of it. The sauce – mushrooms, prawns, cheese etc?  And garlic. Fabulous going down, but my goodness, my tum objected and still is today. Just too harsh for an abused tummy lining, I think. It was great to spend that time listening to young thoughts, ideas and enthusiasms. We really enjoyed having them to stay.

After we dropped them at the airport,  we stopped by Suncoast Casino for a coffee and a flutter for  Pat. Just an hour and some success on the 5c  machines for the spouse! The garlic was fighting you see. Frankly, I felt really grotty. I did couch potato for the rest of the day. I think a part of what was worrying both of us was the Ct scan that I was going for today at 7.30 this morning. The purpose of the scan was to see if the chemo is working, to compare my liver lesions now to what they were when we started, so anxiety was understandable.

Of course, today would be a day that I was feeling particularly gruesome  with nausea and cramps. Poor Pat had to deal with me slumping around like a depressed gnome as she got me to the centre and full of that dye muti in prep for the scan. Once again I salute the professionals who work in this field. They were charming and appropriately upbeat depending on the energy levels of their patients. They got the scan results to Dr Landers in an hour.

And the results show a 20% reduction in the liver mofos, which means that we carry on with the chemo for another 8 cycles, with a work around when I go to Oz to see the family there. What I so appreciated was the warmth and boyish excitement of Dr Landers. He deserves his holiday. He even gave Pat advice on how to catch Grunter from a boat in the bay. I will stay on dry land for that one – us Harrison’s battle with travel sickness at the best of times!


So from feeling so grotty this morning to a sense of elation and gratitude to all of you for your positive thoughts and care, this day has been good. It feels like the last 8 weeks have been a cross between a roller coaster and a marathon. I’m couching this afternoon, while Pat has to go to work. We’re both feeling good psychologically though.

Thanks you guys.



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  1. I know I commented, but somefing garbled et up – great news about the mofos (?) mofo-ing off!

  2. Lizzie – once again you have made my day – fantastic news and something else for you and Pat to really celebrate. Maybe the garlic was a little heavy – I seem to remember that when the tum is sensitive full dose rich garlic is MEAN – perhaps building up slowly with little doses develops strength again (especially given the mythic qualities garlic is touted to have)!! Arent trees wonderful – I wasnt going to last year but George bullied me – but usually the tree is in and covered a good month before (otherwise you have only just put it up and you take it all down). Kitch – wots kitch? Kids – who needs kids – who grew up anyway?? Here’s to tree decorating YAY!!

  3. 20% reduction, that’s gr8 news liz, sooooo happy for u. Lots of luv and prayers coming ur way 🙂

  4. Whoooohoooo! I am so excited these bad cancer cells are being beat! I hope by the end of the month it will be 85%. 🙂

  5. …great news Liz! …really good to read this post, had been wondering how you were doing. Happy tree decoratingioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo99999999999999kl….that was my cat Tiger walking across my keyboard!!Thinking of you,AA

  6. You must both be overjoyed, it is the best news, just keep going like this. My love and best wishes to both. xxxx

  7. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz and Pat, Congratulations on 20% Mofo Zapping! This is awesome … Sorry about the garlic lover’s fallout! Couching sounds like a good option for a bit … I send loads of love and strong strong healing thoughts and vibes, Joan C

  8. Yay! Get those mofos! So pleased for you. XXX

  9. Hi Liz,
    So glad to hear the good news!!

  10. Hey Liz
    What terrific news – the 20% I mean, not the garlic rumblings! Am so pleased for you, and grateful too that the mofo (and friends) is being tamed and driven into the corner so to speak.
    Don’t know quite what else to say, just, so pleaseD, so pleased ….. Like you say, the treatment etc has been so worth it, and continues to be worth undergoing.
    When do you and Pat travel to the land down under?

  11. What FANTASTIC news!!! Oh Liz, I am so pleased to hear that!
    Lots of love to you both xxxx

  12. I say thanks to God for answered prayers on my side – the 20% reduction in lesions is great! well, maybe i will visit to see the Christmastree- in my house nobody wants to do the tree thing….Thank you for the wonderful time we spent chatting on Friday- i came away from there feeling inspired to work!

    Enjoy your trip to Oz to visit family and friends…

  13. wow, WOW, wow, wow, wow!!!! What fantastic news, well done for ensuring that you put all your energy into this, now my competitive nature wants to know it will be at least 21% reduction next time.

  14. Hi liz
    Wonderful news that the chemo and your positivity is working:) 🙂 🙂
    Yep, its Christmas time again-a wonderful time for friends and families to get together and celebrate. At my house the tree gets decorated on 1 December -my daughter took over the decorating this year with my expert snoopervision 🙂
    Enjoy your holidays and stay away from garlic-happy couching .

    Lots of love and healing thoughts to you…Rosaline

  15. amishi gandhi said:

    Fantastic news Liz! Well done!

    Love and hugs to you both.

  16. So glad to hear of the 20% reduction in lesions, Liz! Wonderful news. Hugs to you and to Pat xx

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