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On Tuesday, Pat and I decided to get a new bed for the spare room, and arranged for Alphaeus to grab the old one before the weekend. Then suddenly we needed another spare bed for this weekend. So I went bed shopping this morning, and told them they don’t get the sale if the bed can’t be delivered on Saturday. Strange how tiring bed testing can be, considering that all that is involved is lying around on one bed after another. Would that my youth had been so energetic!

This round of chemo has been OK, except for the piles. I’ve actually feeling better than I have in a long time, even better than the three previous rounds, which are actually 1 and a half rounds, as I discovered from the doctor on Tuesday. Cycle 1 consists of 1a and 1b and Cycle 2 of 2a and 2b. I had 2b this week. My wrinkles seem to have plumped up, even though I’ve lost 5kgs, though I wouldn’t recommend this as a diet. In fact I regret every moment I ever worried about carrying extra ounces and want them back! I seem to be eating more than I ever did before! I do confess to a craving for the verboten jelly/jam doughnut every now and then (deep fried and extremely sweet – insert blarty noise of a bad gong a la Stephen Fry’s IQ show).

At this point I have to reveal my weird sense of humour and tell you about a BBC podcast called Comedy of the Week and particularly a quizzy type of show called Dilemma. The one I downloaded is now no longer available (only available for 7 days) but it had me snorting with laughter in the Oncology centre on Tuesday, much to the puzzlement of the other people in the room. The blurb says: “Sue Perkins puts four guests through the moral and ethical wringer in this show show in which there are no “right” answers – but there are some deeply damning ones”. The intro caught me with “Welcome to Dilemma, the show where we untangle the moral and ethical hair of mankind using the shampoo of silly questions and the comb of increasingly tortured metaphors.” Podcasts are great when you are sitting around!

This funny from my brother, Andy, had me cackling because it’s so Andy. He’s a philosophical whizz in the applied sense, and a ‘mensch’, calling me regularly to see how I’m doing, making me laugh and always presenting an alternate perspective on things.

The third day of chemo seems the worst for some reason, when I’m no longer dripping. I think they must put stuff in the chemo that makes you feel good while you are having it put in, then the side-effects start when that stops and the body starts working it through. The nausea and tiredness hit me just after I got home from the Bed King and made boiled eggs for Pat and I along with beet, carrot, apple, squeeze of lemon and smidgeon of ginger juice. Drinking lots of filtered water helps.

I guess I’ll be slow and sitting for the next couple of days – but that’s OK. I received the edited proofs for the book of my PhD on Sunday, so have to go through them for typos and to check all the references are in the right place. (I’m now regretting that I wrote so much!)

I had a nice nap, but wasn’t up to walking around the block with Pepper, Sharon and Joan tonight. They’re so kind to come round and do that after work, even tonight when it was just about to pour with rain. Pepper loves the sight of Sharon’s car. She even refrains from making deposits when she walks with Sharon, so there’s no poop-scooping necessary. When it’s me I always get a large and usually sloppy pile! Should I be worried?

Rocky’s borrowed guinea pig fleas are under control, but he’s on prednisalone for the allergy/hot spots, so he’s starving, despite all the peanut butter sarmies he eats at school.

With all the funnies, and things to celebrate, knowing that today was N’s memorial ran a ribbon of sadness through the day, yet I know she’d have enjoyed my day as much as I did. I know the service will have been a comfort to the family and I’m thinking of them tonight.


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  1. I’ve just read a book called ‘The Gargoyle’ where the sculptor heroine goes at lumps of stone with a chisel to release the gargoyles screaming to get out of the stone. Cool idea, don’t you think?

    I have no idea why I said this. Probably because I so enjoyed your last post, Liz. You talk about things that happen or that you notice. For me your blogs are, in the words of Jean Clam, ‘most invigorating’.

    If you remember, I told you the story of how I emailed Jean Clam, on account of the extraordinarily brilliant article she (I thought) had written. I had fantasised her as Scottish bluestocking, from a university in France. Why not, I said, given the historical connection between the Celts and the Gauls – lots of scots are french-ish.

    Jean Clam turned out however to be a Frenchman. But he took the trouble to say that he found my email commenting on his article to be ‘most invigorating’.

    I think ‘most invigorating’ is yet another sense of your coolth.

    love to you and Pat


  2. Hi Liz, I’ts sad about N’s passing. I attended another funeral today-6th one in two months.I really feel for these families but the human spirit is amazing because the hurt and pain
    doesn’t remain. I believe that life is meant to be celebrated-just being able to breathe is a gift that we should cherish.Everything in life has a purpose, although we may not know or understand it.
    There are many slient readers of your blog who are inspired by you-you are giving hope to many( present and future readers).
    We missed you at the CELT function -we had a wonderful time. There’s lots of birthday celebrations being planned for next year -so something to look forward to-we gonna fatten you up 🙂

    Its Christ-mass time again -a time to remember God’s intense love for us:
    ” God looked at every human
    heart he created,
    and every heart to come, and He
    knew just what they needed.
    So He took part of His own heart
    and fashioned the perfect answer.
    then he sent the answer into the world.
    And He called the answer, Jesus.”

    I wish you God’s blessings, He hears you when no-one else is around. Even at times when you feel He is far away -He is carrying you in His arms. Rest in His arms, We serve a mighty God.

    In His love


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