Liz's colonic journey

Quick update

Thanks everyone for your concern over my Tile night. I wasn’t sure whether I should share the gory detail, but I supposed that’s part of the journey. Yesterday was a bit grim and fairly difficult to be perky, but Pat and I did manage to get out to the attorney to finish up the ante-nuptial contract stuff, and to complete all the official declarations that we are not undertaking this civil union under duress! (Quite ironic, but nobody has really explained what duress in this context might be – so we just signed!) Both of us were whacked from lack of sleep but the paper is in order, even though it took two trips with a nap in between.

Today the tum is still griping but much better – keeping the Genpayne down helps! It makes me quite sleepy so I’m resting a lot – got to be sparkly tomorrow!


Comments on: "Quick update" (9)

  1. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz and Pat, May you be blessed in ways as unanticipated as the unanticipated technicalities and required locating of extra spouses! I send loads of love, joan

  2. Lots of love on your special day tomorrow Pat and Liz. (ps I have just worked out how to comment. hee hee)

  3. Louise Willison said:

    We think it’s wonderful the two of you are getting “hitched”. We’ve been waiting forever although we never expect to see Liz without Pat as you are seriously so in touch with each other – the best match I can possibly think of. Love you guys both muchly and although we are really disappointed that we couldn’t make this special occasion, you will be in our thoughts (as you always are) and our wish is that you have a “spiffiningly” fun celebration. CONGRATULATIONS to our sisters – I know dad will be looking down on you both and saying “’bout bloody time”! All our best for a wonderfully happy day! Lou, Robz and Brian

    • Thanks Sis, I always did have good taste, eh? The celebration is just starting. We’ll miss you, but we’re looking forward to seeing you guys later in the month.

  4. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts that you will feel better tomorrow. I hope that you and Pat have a wonderful day. Getting hitched is quite technical, isn’t it? My uncle married Johan and I, and I had some very hysterical phone calls from him, asking all sorts of ‘official’ questions regarding our mutual willingness to be married, and wanting to know if Johan had any other wives hidden away somewhere! Anyway, will be thinking of you tomorrow – hope the sun shines on the auspicious event.

    • Thanks Tanya, yes – who knew it was all so technical! Did they ask if you had any husbands or wives around also? Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Will be thinking of you both so much on your special day tomorrow, Liz and Pat, and looking forward to celebrating with you on Sunday. Love and hugs xx

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