Liz's colonic journey

Night on the Tiles

Had a bad night last night, with cramps, nausea & vomiting. Don’ t know I’d it was chemo- related, or whether it was food poisoning. Basically I snatched sleep on the lovely cool tiles of the bathroom. Pat had a horrible time up and down trying to help, when there wasn’t much she could do except comfort me & empty the bucket. Really gross. I thank my stars that she is there for me.

When I wasn’t sore or hurling, it did remind me of post-party days of youthful overindulgence and why hangovers are a particular phobia of mine. In those days it was ‘fun’?

Two things are on my mind, between rehydrate sips and naps today. One is gratitude that Lou’s scopes caught early polyps, so she won’t have to go through this.

The other is that my dad passed away 2 years ago, and he did all this on his own. He never complained and found the strength to still be shopping 3 weeks before he passed. I miss him.

This a bit grim, but there are colours and insights here. Tomorrow will be better I’m sure.


Comments on: "Night on the Tiles" (14)

  1. Hey Liz – Sorry to hear you had a rough night – hope that a bit of napping today will help you over the rough patch. The missing doesnt get any easier either – but knowing that we are all out there sending you hugs hopefully helps a bit. Love to you and Pat.

    • Thanks Ruth, it does make a difference having all this support. From both sides of the veil as it were! The napping has seemed to help and I’m definitely more chipper today.

  2. amishi gandhi said:

    Hope you’re doing a lot better today, Liz. Sending load of love and hugs and strength to you both.

  3. So so sorry Liz.
    and wishing with all my heart that it’s already better.

  4. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz, i am sending lots and lots of good loving energy and strong thoughts for a really wonderful night tonight and every night from now on. For you and Pat. Joan

  5. I am so sorry Liz you had such a horrible night, that must have been so scary. Sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx

  6. Sorry Lizzo – sounds horrid. Sending all the love and hugs I can squeeze along the bandwidth. XXX

  7. Phew, hectic – sending you a big hug.

  8. Karen Read said:

    Sending love and hugs – I really don’t know what else to say. Your dad was amazing – I can’t believe it is two years XXXXX

    • Yes -= the time has flown so quickly – strange how all these events gather together at the same time of the year, isn’t it? On the happy side, young Dougal is a big reason for celebration. He’s so bright and curious. Yesterday, he plunged Sam’s lounge into darkness as we were talking on Skype. He’s discovered light switches and is a climber like his dad!

  9. : (((((((( but sending lots and lots of <3.

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