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On shopping

Wasn’t it so good to see the sun this morning? Pat tells me that there was a monster storm last night. Godfrey, our IT man (not the pharmacist)  even lost his gutters. I heard not a thing, not a wind-banged blind or a thunderflash.  I did wonder why everything on the porch was soaked this morning.

I think I must have been tired. Pat and I went to the Pavilion yesterday to by some duds for our civil union, which is happening quietly on Saturday. We lasted just on an hour. It truly isn’t a nice place. Maybe it was the weather that sent everyone Christmas shopping, but there wasn’t anywhere to eat that didn’t either involve deep fried food or a long queue. It was noisy and close and the air was stale. I think they’d turned off the air conditioning.

Look, I have to confess that I’ll always prefer street shops to malls, if I really have to shop, so it’s probably sour grapes. We took off through Westville, and found ourselves at Waxy o’Connors. Brian and Andy would approve. Good Irish feel, cosy, and you don’t actually have to drink beer because their coffee is good. Pat had breakfast (it was 2pm) and I had their excellent chicken baguette (and brought half of it home). The music was good and the atmosphere friendly and unhectic.

Now the immediate chemo side- effects are done, tiredness and faint nausea, I’m feeling more lively again. Except for the constipation, which let’s face it can be seen as an advantage, I’m really quite enjoying sitting on the porch and having a non-alcoholic beer in the evenings with Pat. Woollies sells Becks and Heinecken –  and it’s such a treat. I think it’s because it’s not sweet – all the fruit juices etc don’t work the same way, and maybe I’m craving hops.  I’m taking it as the exception to the no fizzy drinks rule.

Today, I headed up to Woollies in Kloof to buy veggies and fruit. I think the folks there thought I was nuts in my 2 jerseys, scarf and boots – but really the aircon in there is extreme. And when I put my walking gloves on to get into the refrigerators, I’m positive there was some confusion! Of course, as I walked out the sun was blinding, and people were arriving in tank tops and slops. I took one of my jerseys off!  I’m quite looking forward to summer really starting, given my new in-built heat resistance.

We repotted the gem squash today. At least I put the potting soil in the trays and Pat transplanted the seedlings. I won’t touch them because seedlings and I have never done well. I think they understand that I expect them to just do their thing naturally, whilst Pat is the essence of care. Mind you she did mutter about them (the gems) not standing up straight (poor suckers are looking for sun also). I distinctly heard her say in a Nazi general accent (or airline stewardess) “You vill stand up straight, Ja?” I swear if they had arms they would have been heiling the sieg!

In terms of the To Do List, I managed to think of a new one.  And I was chuffed at being able to pick out some cute (I think) toys for my nephew, Dougal’s 2nd birthday. He’s a very active little fella. Sam and Hamish might need to hide even more breakables!

I can’t wait to see the pics of the party that was this weekend, and the Thomas the Tank Engine cake that Sam made. My mum said that Dougal handled the whole matter with grace and aplomb. Actually what she said was, “Dougal was so good,no tanties, nice to all kisses and cuddles for old aunties”.  

I’m missing my Oz lot! Thinking about last Christmas and the whole family charging around the SA countryside like a real mob. It was fun, even the tense moments that always happen when families are in close proximity. The love is always there regardless of the foibles. These are happy memories. Here’s one of me in the paddling pool with my nieces, at Lissataba in the Northern Province near Hoedspruit. A very good idea in that heat. Jade is attacking me with a watering can.

It’s these happy thoughts that are buoying me tonight. I’m thinking so much of N going in for her op tomorrow, and the family as they wait. Love you guys! I’m glad you have each other and so much love around.

I promise tomorrow I’ll do the paperwork!


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  1. Have subscribed to blog alerts using my Gmail acc – glad it really works! I also find the “Pav” toxic: but for some reason I love Gateway (weird – perhaps for Cinema Noveau?) I’m sure they do turn the aircon off on cold (or even overcast) days – meanies! Gems story lovely – plants do respond to talk. Rule 1 of planting: things grow when they want to and where they want to. Definition of a weed: something that wants to grow all the time everywhere. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, and also to seeing marvellous plantings!

    P.S. Do you know they make baggage handlers wear thick gloves so they can’t slip hands into suitcases so easily? No doubt your fridge antics automatically make you suspect as a “known baggage thief” (tip: ensure you have an Attorney’s cell number ready for when they take you into custody.)

    • I love Gateway too – so airy – and the outside pavement eating spaces make it so much nicer. Just a pity it’s so far from Pinetown!

    • Tee hee – I believe that in the old days when you went to a protest you were supposed to write your attorney’s number on your wrist or arm? Ain’t technology marvellous? If I’m starting a new career in fridge raiding I’d better have my iPad with me!

  2. Joan Conolly said:

    Hi Liz, i just love the piccies of Dougal and Jade In Attack mode! And the mental image of the Gems Responding to Instructions. Thank you for the health warning about the Pav. I shall give it a wide berth. I shall send special thoughts to N for her op, and some extra ones to you and Pat as well. Much love and many oxytocin laden hugs, Joan

  3. I am heading for Botswana for two days, then have speech days and end of year to contend with. But will be thinking of you and Pat so much on Saturday, wishing you all good things, love, peace and happiness for your special day – which will be a celebration of so many years of love. So looking forward to Sunday’s celebration. Much love xx

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