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The Evil Twin

Appropo of nothing relevant to now and since you asked so nicely, here are pics of me during my fine and upstanding career at CNA as a training officer in the Pretoria/East Rand region in 1984/5. (I have no extant pictures of my brief career as a school teacher – thankfully.)

In this one, I was teaching a supervisor training programme called Frontliner – a lovely example of American programmed instruction. Every delegate was Afrikaans speaking and my Afrikaans was really vrot – worse than now Mari! The materials referred to Mom and Pop stores and so forth.  There was also the age thing happening. Hence the dress and the big glasses. I learned a lot about hospitality and koeksusters and how some of the smartest people around are the folks that actually do the job. The venue was the staff room above the CNA in the Boksburg Hypermarket.  For those who know the area – it was diagonally across from the excitement of the icerink – where all romance happened during the couples sessions. I had to lug the overhead projector and video playing monitor from Laub St in the South of Jhb. Quite a fun job actually.

This one shows the evil twin in more innocent get-up. The two of us training officers had to work with the regional directors for the massive Xmas launch of Bentley Bear (anybody remember him?) and the video release of ET (in those days Betamax was still an option!). For some reason or other we chose a Wild West theme. Mixed metaphors never worried me in those days.

My how we change! I’m trying to envisage my innards in the condition they were in, at 24!



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  1. The photo’s are so special! I agree with Joan, both twins are you…

    strangely a full circle of sorts, is what comes to mind when I remember you recently as the queen at your 50th, where you looked equally soft and feminine, balancing the boysterous, boy-ish and sassy other side. I love them both 🙂

  2. Hahahhahaha! You are so not going to hear the end of this. You look really cute though, you carry the lady thing really well. I personally think its a gift to carry off both the lady and tomboy. I can relate to such multiple identities. Being an only child you have to double out as both the “electrical house hold fixer” and being the kind of daughter your mother prayed for (Hehehehehehe!).
    The funny thing about fashion is that nothing is obsolete, everything gets renewed,and right now both the trends you are wearing in the photos are current. Ironically you yourself are getting renewed, I suppose that is what this process of unearthing old photographs of yourself and the memories that go with them is about. . .

    My love to Pat, Pepper and Rockey

    • Fraid I gave up on the Lady a long time ago – but it was a good act! Feminism is a wonderful thing. How great is it to be allowed to hold a hammer, spanner or pair of pliers to ‘fix something’.

  3. ThanX Liz_ Morning Evil Twin. Lady Di influenced big time. I love how images conjure up memories_ and even though the specifics are not always there (like the projector etc) photographs are so verbal, it is never just about the moment_ but always about memories_ and more specifically about what happened before and what happened after the photo was taken_ so the notion of freezing time is more of a technical ‘constraint’ than a perceptive ‘examination’_ the camera shrinks but the mind enlarges. Love this quote by John Ruskin: The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something… to see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion all in one. So much can happen when we ‘see’ something_ because we acknowledge it and the we dot dot dot_ Have a happy sunshine day!

    • And the wonderful thing about images is that we restory all the elements into a rich tapestry that serves us – I’m thinking Carole King here!

      “My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
      An everlasting vision of the ever changing view
      A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
      A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold.”

  4. Karen Read said:

    Thank you for sharing! Sending love XXX

  5. Think we all actually have (evil) twins! and I think a trawl through personal photo albums will reveal, what now might be considered, bum choices in dresses, hairdo’s and specks. I have one that scares me…. At my sisters wedding where I served as ‘maid of honour’ I wore a sunflower yellow dress (YELLOW, YELLOW), mathching stockings and shoes (bought from woolies) and I had a rather large head of permed hair that I thought looked rather sexy!! AND I was wearing make-up that my sister was determined to put on me.
    So here’s to times past, the clothing choices made at the time!
    Agree wholeheartedly with Joan – the smile, and the obvious passion for the task at hand is evident. Thank you for sharing

    • And it was sexy then! Though Bwalya is assuring me that these trends are on their way back (below the knee?) I’m not sure I’ll go there myself. And makeup? Don’t think so.

      So maybe the false innocent that I call Evil Twin isn’t really evil – maybe it’s more like Learning Twin? Yellow is one of those colours that I love but which make me look jaundiced, unless I’ve got a marvellous sun tan. I’m envious of anybody who can wear rich orange, lime green and yellow.

  6. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz, thank you for obliging with the Evil Twin Pics, who is not evil looking at all. On the contrary, I think that she has all of the enthusiasm, passion and love for what she is doing that you have, and that is almost always, the exceptions being when you discover that someone has their fingers in one or another kind of a cookie jar! And who can fault that? So here’s to your wonderful enthusiasm, passion and love, in whichever twin. With love, Joan

    • Which all goes to show that evil looking is not necessary for confusion, exploration and getting into things that one shouldn’t! There was the illicit diamond buying incident (not me, but I ended up involved), and the tattoo parlor without a wall, in Eilat (remember that Nette?) and the dope cookie incident and the intrusive japanese photographer who ended up in the pool and….. All currently edited out of the narrative!

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