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Looking back at Friday

Apart from Zinging Fingers, the other new side-effect from the chemo is like a gastric reflux, a burny feeling in my throat, which makes me burp in the most unladylike way. Just as well I never invested too much in being ladylike! It’s definitely a lost cause after 49 years of enjoying sitting cross-legged and putting my feet up. Dresses and skirts were never really a comfortable option. We won’t go into stillettos and so forth (sorry Mandz, red shoes!). There is an ancient photo of me wearing a crocheted dress (remember those?) along with permed hair. I swear it was my evil twin.

This round of chemo seems to have gone past very fast. When I think about what I actually did for the last 3 days it’s quite difficult to itemise. Obviously, Wednesday’s 6 and a half hour session wiped that time out. Thursday’s hour session (+ 30 minutes each way) once the bubble was done, took us to 2.30. We stopped at Buid-it on the way home, and bought lots more veggie seeds, which Pat sowed in seed trays as we watched the birds from the porch that evening.

Much to her disappointment no green is showing yet. I also found some watercress seeds. I have happy memories of growing mustard and cress on cotton wool in England as a child, not to mention the memory taste of a British Rail cheese and mustard and cress sandwich which tasted like heaven. I remember my dad saying I must be hungry to enjoy BR food (this was 1968/9). If I recall correctly the bread had turned up slightly on the edges from being stale! I think he was going to Manchester for work, and I got to go along (because I was old enough to behave myself!). I remember we went to the pantomime, Babes in the Wood, and I totally fell in love with the Principal Boy. It’s quite fun to identify where and when food cravings come from.

I’ve been wondering if Lou is going to do the Panto for the family again this Christmas, costs more than a small fortunte that, or whether the Nutcracker on Ice will be more fun. Speaking of Christmas, I’m not sure that I approve of Christams Decs and Boney M in November, but it was quite nice to see the unusual combination of green and dark gold that Pinecrest Centre has chosen this year.

I was in there to pick up a Codeword book, before going down to the Centre to have the bubble taken off. That’s about the level of my intellectual engagement at the moment – substituting letters for numbers to fill in the crossword puzzle. It sends me into a kind of alpha brainwave space where I can listen to audible books and podcasts at the same time, whilst not moving around too much.

The mofo-zapping cramps cause me to jiggle around to keep everything moving down below, which can be quite distracting during a conversation! What really helped yesterday was walking round the block with Pepper and Sharon and Rocky. Without going into detail, I can report that something must have changed for the better in terms of the bowel tumour because things are definitely easier on that front/bottom/side (?!).

If the timetable of side-effects is similar to last time, I’m due some nausea today (I have muti) and so might be quite lethargic. Thankfully, Victoria and Alphaeus are doing their magic, so I just need to stay out of their way.

For those interested in dreams. Pat had a strange dream about her late mum wanting a garden path installed down the side of the house (where we walk all the time) wearing out the grass, and having a problem when the contractors insisted on installing carpet tiles (in a pretty enough pattern), because they could not conceive of the amount of rain KZN experiences! I reckon it’s a metaphor for pathfinding, but all interpretations are welcome.


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  1. on the right path and having the elders walk with you .They are the ones with the answers and will guide you correctly. That what I believe anyway ! take care

  2. Hi, Liz – have been lurking for some time because I am not really “blog savvy”, but have been following your posts with interest: especially the bits about “experiencing” illness and the weirdness of these kinds of things when the rest of you feels well – the sense of unreality, and yet your posts radiate the “real”.

    The “zinger fingers” – never heard of that before (except with Darth Vader – may the Force be with you!)

    Don’t worry about Sumi and me – we are doing fine, and hope to surprise you with wonderful things when you are ready for that kind of stuff (and you will be!)

    P.S. Be careful what you mix in those smoothies – too much carrot and pineapple can bring you out in an acid rash!

    • Well done both of you, can’t wait to see how Sumi’s thesis is shaping up. And thanks for the warning about carrot and pineapple. I think grapefruit juice can do the same thing – not to mention having a tendency to cause plastic bottles to explode, if not drunk immediately.
      Aren’t blogs amazing? I’ve always been more of a blog follower than a writer – never felt that I had much to say before. I guess it’s about selecting the right tool for the job.

  3. The Lightest Touch

    Good poetry begins with
    the lightest touch,
    a breeze arriving from nowhere,
    a whispered healing arrival,
    a word in your ear,
    a settling into things,
    then like a hand in the dark
    it arrests the whole body,
    steeling you for revelation.

    In the silence that follows
    a great line
    you can feel Lazarus
    deep inside
    even the laziest, most deathly afraid
    part of you,
    lift up his hands and walk toward the light.

    — David Whyte
    from Everything is Waiting for You
    ©2003 Many Rivers Press

  4. Hi lovely Dr Liz
    I found you! A real techno peasant I am… so impressed with you blog spot!
    It is lovely to see that brilliant mind at work… writing fascinating blogs to keep all up to date, but also to make meaning for yourself. Blogging is thinking… ne?
    Take care… i will watch this space and keep you in my thoughts.

    • Thanks Prof Naydene, while I don’t buy for a moment your claim to techno-peasantry (I know your sons are your greatest teachers!), I really appreciate you taking the time to read along and think of me. Blogging is definitely helping me find an identity as a health-challenged person who doesn’t feel like a sick person, even when I’m feeling sick – how paradoxical are human beings?

  5. Joan Conolly said:

    I cannot wait to see THE PIC of THE EVIL TWIN!!! Yes, Please! About the dream, i think that I would like to think that Pat’s Mom is walking this journey with you ALL all the way. And having met her, I am delighted that she is with you all. She had such deep deep spirituality and was so in touch with the divine even in this world, that her presence with you at this time can only be a blessing. I send lots of love to you all, Joan

    • It’s comforting to know that that Thelma’s energy is all around. (Have you ever heard a veggie garden talk?) Thunderstorms were one of my dad’s favourite things…remember that monster storm a few weeks back, when you couldn’t see further than a metre on the road? That was the day, I went in for my MRI. The same day, I met Rosh dealing with her own health issues but entertaining and educating the radiographers as she went. There are NO coincidences!

  6. Hello Liz, thank you so much for writing the blog. It’s great to know exactly what’s happening – I think of you and Pat a lot. I want to visit soon, though I’m a bit afraid you’re besieged with visitors. I always remember being in hospital and having to graciously receive a dozen or so visitors per day.

    So do you have like a social diary?

    Love to you and Pat


    • Thanks Philippa for being so understanding. I’ve been meaning to return your call for ages, but keep running out of steam. Social diary? Now there’s an idea!

  7. Close, but no cigar on the perm – nothing could match Bwalya’s 6 footer – and no red shoes! They were boring white courts at R20 a pop! Will see if I can find the pic.

  8. Morning Liz and Pat and Rocky and Pepper. I want to get the voting station rolling_ I hope your fellow commentators reading your blog will second this… Please post the pic of your evil twin_ I am conjuring up visual images of what I image ‘her’ to look like and at the moment it is a combination of —-> your profile pic + Bwalya’s hairpiece + a white crocheted dress I once bought in a second hand shop + (sorry Liz_ you not going to like this) + RED lady di shoes! Am I close?

    About the dream_ I think it symbolizes progress and clarity of thought. X

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