Liz's colonic journey

Round 2 Underway

Well I passed the blood test.Feels almost as good as the stats test in 3rd year Psycho! Apparently, the white cells are a bit high, possibly some infection, but not bad enough to halt the chemo. I learned that if the red cells are too low they give a blood transfusion, if white cells or platelets are weird then they defer the chemo.

The center is quite jolly this morning. Amazing how people can joke about finding veins, deal practically with some really scary stuff.

I have permission to not wear a bra! So all good – nearly finished the first bag of anti- nausea muti. Seems there’s a shortage of magnesium & calcium which is to prevent the pins and needles that result from the blood vessel inhibiting stuff, so today’s session is going to be half an hour shorter.

Talk later – have some cricket to watch!


Comments on: "Round 2 Underway" (6)

  1. Hope you’ve got a blanky and some food with you. Snuggle down and enjoy the cricket. Thinking of you.

  2. hi Liz
    pray that the second round went according to plan… its amazing how some people – like those in the clinic- just know how to be human and treat each person which so much love and care. may you and Pat continue to be strengthened in your walk together being there for and caring for each other. being is before knowing and doing! – my take home message from day 2 at the SAHECEF conference…you are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to your postings …

  3. Portia Redmond said:

    Portia said:
    Thinking of your journey makes me feel the light! What great steps you take and don’t sweat the small stuff – you’re in my thoughts and prayers for sunshine filled days ahead.
    Love from Portia and Mark

  4. Joan Conolly said:

    Hi Liz, Congratulations on Passing The Blood Test!!! And I hope that you enjoyed the cricket!!! I have taken note that your Whites are Up and Fighting! Good for them!!! I send them all good strength in their battles on your behalf. Love to you all, Joan

  5. Wishing you well Liz…Sending our Love and Support. Love Tania, Christo, Jean and John.xx

  6. Thinking of you Liz. Glad to hear the bloods are OK.
    Hugs xx

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