Liz's colonic journey

Today has felt a bit like that exam that you think you are prepared for, but have no clue what is going to be tested or why. I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t had that experience, but that’s how it feels wondering whether my blood is behaving itself. By behaving itself, I mean, that the red cells are strong enough to do any running repairs on this aging bod, and that the white cells are up to fighting off any infections that might sneak up while my immune system is under strain.

The thing is that if red and whites are not good, then the next cycle of chemo is delayed, while they build up a bit of strength.  I have a nagging cough, and my head felt stuffy this morning – hence the anxiety about failing a blood test!

Liza’s beautiful photograph (velow) really cheered me up. It reminded me that today Summer was here in all it’s glory today.  The heat was amazing – wonderful in fact.  How nice to be wearing shorts and a tank tee and bare feet. Our green pool (pretty emerald) was no longer green, thanks to Mark, the Pool Fundi, who popped in and pulled the forest out of the pump impeller. It’s looking sparkling blue and very inviting.  Rocky was swimming at 6.30 this morning, and jumped straight in when Sharon and I returned from walking Pepper. Pepper just pants in the heat, but she knows Sharon’s car and gets so excited when she sees her come in.

    Today was the first time that I’ve felt able to concentrate on numbers  and form-filling. I don’t know why the insurance company needs to know what my taxable income is, in order to pay out the claim, but it presented a challenge. Then I remembered SARS would know – so I started to do my tax return, realising that there’s a whole bunch of medicine that I’ve paid for and not come out of Med Aid savings. That led to tracking down all my receipts (happily I file just about everything – I have my very first ever salary slip dating back to 1983!) and working out those sums. Very tiring!

The other achievement of the day was making an appointment with the attorney for Pat and I to get our wills sorted out. We haven’t updated them since we went to Oz in 2005. What a fabulous trip that was – if you ever get a chance to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef,  or to see where McLeod’s Daughters was filmed in the Adelaide Hills, do not pass it by.

This animated gif from Les di Gasparro via my sister, Louise, made me laugh out loud, because I was feeling a bit ‘toasted’.

How smart are squirrels?

I watched The Social Network, about the creation of FaceBook, and felt quite sad at the emptiness of the friendships depicted. On the plus side though, human beings have the amazing capacity to make technology do what they need it to do, not just what the inventor had in mind. I’m glad Facebook goes deeper for me and the people I care about. Then I watched Gray Matters – a light comedy. Sissy Spacek is quite delightfully nuts as the psychologist. That flushed out any hangover I had from all those numbers in the morning. We’re moving.

Today’s juice at 32 was pawpaw, carrots, apples, ginger and strawberries = delumptious, as the P would say. I can also share that Grapefuit juice and Tonic is an excellent thirst quencher – the combo fizzes and froths very satisfactorily.  We’re starting to see the shelves in our fridge again. No wonder I’m so regular!

So tomorrow at 10, Pat’s taking me through to the Oncology Treatment Centre. If the bloods are good, the treatment will be 6 hours of sitting in a very comfy lazy boy. This time I’m taking food!


Comments on: "Tuesday : Failing a blood test?" (3)

  1. Hi Lizzie – here’s hoping your bloods behave and all goes well today. It’s a glorious day here in GHT today – though not as hot as I believe Durbs was yesterday. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Joan Conolly said:

    Hi Liz, here I am at about 6am, 3 hours into the day, and giggling at squirrels!!! And so envious! I could do with one of those massages RIGHT NOW! Thank you for the Squirrel Giggle!!! The juicing adventures at 32 are most impressive! Wow! And that cannot have done the bloods any harm. While I am no predictor of anything, I am wishing and hoping and willing that the bloods are very very good … When you have a mo, please – you and Pat – look at Paul Zak on oxytocins! 8 hugs a day is what he recommends!!!! As a minimum. Why not? The more the better. love, Joan

  3. amishi gandhi said:

    good luck Liz. Will be thinking of you.

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