Liz's colonic journey

Well you asked – and good for you. I can say no more than the authors here say. And they bothered to write a book about it:





Comments on: "Sink/Float Conundrum – by popular demand – warning Ick Factor" (7)

  1. Hahahahhahaha! Thank you LIz, for the great information about the science of poo. Will take serious note next time . . . . . .

  2. Hey Liz_ I am laughing … maybe I shouldn’t disclose this…. but I have (access to) the book_ my son found it in a book sale and he giggled continuously and begged that I buy it… The illustrations are wacky and the way it is written in a ‘conversational joke like manner’ but with ‘medical intent’, is funny. Please may I add… Children of course (and dogs) are our wisest teachers as their perspective on things is usually fresh and from a nonchalant point of view (unless of course it is sweet or plastic)… When Sebastian read some parts of the book to me_ I was like “no really” and he would chuckle at my exclamations. Infact last night he said let’s read the “poo” book before we go to sleep… so now I am afraid Liz… You are part of the nuance of this book that lives in our bookshelf.

  3. Thanks Liz – This is important to know. Hugs xx

  4. Joan Conolly said:

    Thank you, Liz. Now we know. And good to know. But now that we know, there is no need to dwell on it, as – as Kathy says – the rest of the information is in the bowl. Moving on, I would like to talk about Something Else. The Something Else is Rocky. When I was nearing the end of my visit on Tuesday, Pat went to collect Rocky from School. In came Rocky clearly immensely pleased with himself. He paid scant attention to me, not that he was rude, not at all, just that he established that I was not in the age range (birth to 5 years) that is his focus of research interest. He politely greeted me and settled in his bed with the air of a being who had a done a good day’s work and knew it. I woke this morning with this awareness of Rocky and decided that if I can just be Rocky at the end of each day, I will be doing very well indeed. Thank you,Rocky!!! Love, Joan

    • Well Aunty Cindy dog-sat Pepper, after their trip to the parlour this morning. I walked in to collect Pepper, to find Aunty Cindy feeding them choccy biscuits (note the plural)! Pepper was beside herself – and on such a sugar high she really dragged poor Sharon round the block. (I cleverly escorted Rocky at his lordship’s pace.) The hound-blessing is to be here now – whatever the smell is!

  5. Thank you – I was one of the nosey ones that wanted and needed to know. I’d like to see what else the book has to offer on ‘health’ matters. So now we know – next step is the post-operation inspection of the bowl to suss out the contents. Now that’s the ‘icky’ part

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