Liz's colonic journey

Knowing what counts

Today’s first was a breakfast smoothie – thanks to the recipes Rosaline found – bananas, plain yoghurt, meusli, 5 strawberries, a teaspoon of wheatgrass and a couple of pecans. Let’s be clear here – these are not the normal denizens of our fridge. Up until now we’ve been Greek salad people and any move in the direction of fruits has resulted in soggy additions to the compost heap after the initial health enthusiasm waned.  It was very filling. I’m planning on doing something with the beetroot later. Not quite sure what at this point. Does one boil them first? Would that defeat the raw juice purpose. Thank goodness I have research skills.

The internet is amazing. Of course, it’s very difficult to decide what is authoritative or not in terms of what might be good for me/us. My instinct yesterday, to juice 2 of the grapefruit/pomelos that were delivered seems to have been right. Apparently grapefruit extract is good for controlling oral thrush. That and the gargle of baking soda seems to have done the trick.

You might have noticed that I’ve updated yesterday’s post. My mum pointed out that “If  you are shifting something liquid from one container to another, you pour it.  If your sight  is a bit tired  you pore over a document.  There are also pores in your skin that let stuff in and out.” I edited that spelling error. She went on to suggest that “the gland that gets the lurgy is a prostate Gland that occurs in males of the  species.  Prostrate is when you fall flat on your face. Or plants that grow flat on the ground, creeping…”.  I left the latter unchanged…

So Karen R – and any of you who have been amazed by my spelling ability sans spellcheck – homophonic words get us all!

Today Pepper and Rocky have gone to the pooch parlour. This is an extremely exciting event for both of them, and kindly arranged by Cindy from the pre-school. We’ve never had dogs that go to the parlour before. I usually bathed them once every 2-3 months by the pool. With Pepper who is water phobic it takes at least 5 buckets of  luke warm water, after you’ve caught her, because she sees the buckets coming out and disappears down the bottom of the garden. Rocky loves water and his solution to shampoo is to jump into the swimming pool. The result of any dogwashing saga is that I end up soaked and both dogs go rolling in any loose dirt or smelly stuff available as they are drying off, no matter how much I towel them dry. This once a month visit is a blessing for all concerned and supports a local business. How cool is that?

I was hoping to pop into Ed Tech’s webinar yesterday, but the days blurred and it was yesterday. It’s very exciting to see what is possible online, now that bandwidth is so vastly improved. I love Eluminate as a tool – and it’s amazing how good facilitation in that space depends on time-proven teaching skills of being clear on what is to be achieved, making sure that the appropriate tools and resources are available and noticing who is doing what. Encouragement, acknowledgement and challenge through questioning skills and affirmation are still needed to keep up the energy and engagement in a virtual space. These are not abilities that are natural, I don’t think. They come from hours and hours of being aware of cause and effect in one’s communication. That’s why the question, “Do you all understand?” has no place in a learning space – it’s a cop-out that I’ve fallen into many times in the interests of “covering a topic”.  Teaching is not an easy profession (and I don’t know if it gets any easier or less challenging as you go on). Teaching online needs all the traditional teaching skills plus some. Sticking notes on the web is not teaching.  Who was it who said, “if a machine can take the place of a teacher, then it should”?

Ooops – bit of a rant there. Apologies. What can I say – I do love my job and hope to get back to it asap.

The Ed Tech team are two ‘men’ down at the moment, with both Denise and I out of the picture, but they are putting together a fabulous e-Learning Festival regardless. And three cheers for the AV guys for backing them up beautifully.

Pat and I venture forth to consult the financial guy about our status. Hopefully it looks relatively good.

It’s Paulette’s birthday – and I hope she’s being appreciated in all her specialness and human wisdom. I’m very honoured to know her. Happy Birthday P!

Update on yesterday’s musings on work/life balance: I’m a human being not a human doing. Let’s see what I can be today.



Comments on: "Knowing what counts" (4)

  1. Andrea Alcock said:

    Dear Liz
    Yes oats,you can soak them in water overnight to soften…yoghurt, dried apricots,almonds and oats…tooo good! The beetroot can go in raw and is delicious with carrot, apple, ginger and lime. Thinking of you on this beautiful sunny afternoon, Andrea

  2. Hi Liz_ another nice addition to your smoothie is a tablespoon(or more) of uncooked oats_ makes it chewy and kind-of-nutty. Please keep sharing more of these fabulous recipes you are exploring. Mmmmmm going to put some pecan nuts in my next one.

    PS: I am also the dog washer in the family_ I put them in the shower nowadays_ which I think is ingenious_ much less fighting_ as it’s enclosed but they can walk around… and they don’t try to jump out the bowl_ but of course that means I get totally wet too_ but that used to happen anyway. I swear with our dogs the one shakes continuously and the other one goes stone cold… and I always feel bad. So my favourite part is not washing them but watching them after they have been washed. I always think whilst they are running and rolling on everything that they are shouting (barking): Yippeeeee I survived another bath! I’m alive! I’m freeeeeeeee!

    • Liza – your shower is not at the end of a long corridor is it? I know my sister, Samantha puts her retriever, Cleo, in the bath. Showering or bathing the pair of them would result on the potential for waterskiing on my butt through the entire house whilst trying to catch them. They are also both averse to the hairdryer – Sigh!

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