Liz's colonic journey

I’m thinking about my brave brother, Andy, today. He listened to my nagging and is taking himself of for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy. This thing is genetic. If I’d gone when my dad told us about his illness I might have been in a different position today. I’m sure Andy’d prefer not to have to even think about the possibilities, but he loves his girls too much to mess around. That’s a different and harder kind of courage. To modify the bible – greater love hath no man than to live for others.

Yesterday was beautiful in so many ways – and reminded me all over again of the blessings of my life. I love the responses to the blog – a) you make me feel so special and b) each one is uniquely you, which reminds me of how special you are. For a treat read Mari’s lovely poem called Bodies that she posted yesterday.

It was a pleasure to send the answer to the float/sink conundrum to those who asked – as Sioux gratifyingly responded: “Wow!  This I did NOT know.  I have passed it on to my family – I feel like as gross as it is, this is something we should talk about.”

The pains moved away and the carrot and apple juice that Pat made me did it’s magic. I do find myself getting tired after I’ve been up for 5 or six hours, but I’m blessed that I can fall onto my bed for an hour or so and wake up refreshed.

Sharon, my walking buddy and co-worker-out- of – knotty- life-challenges came over to walk Pepper after work. The pooch has been looking at, nay seating herself, in front of the hook that holds her lead, every time I put my takkies on. My takkies are the most comfortable shoes I own – and make me feel strangely healthy, even though I’m not planning to exercise.

Pepper was mostly well behaved. She’s very strong and gets fixated on the danger of missing a smell or a postbox which means that she zigzags rather than walking in a straight line. Generally the threat of her choking herself to death in her excitement doesn’t worry her. So Sharon and I moseyed and chatted round the block with a delighted hound. On the way past we stopped to pick Rocky up from school, and Sharon was introduced to the principal and all the bunnies. The kids love Rocky (who was showing off  his territory by herding the three week old bunniy babies), and they lavished love on Pepper.  I got to hold one of the babies – so soft and lively and vulnerable, about two handsful – this is the closest I could get to a pic.

I was amazed at how my fitness level has dropped. Two weeks ago I walked 9kms, albeit relatively slowly and yesterday, I was puffing after a couple of hundred metres. It really was a mosey, and I’m very grateful to Sharon for the chance to walk a little bit while she controlled Pepper, who has two speeds – stop and flat out. The walk seemed to remind my body that it could “be regular”. It’s impossible to describe how satisfying that is.

I guess that the chemo is forcing the bod to deal with other challenges and it is drawing on the strength of muscles that got used to working. It was a bit of a bugger that the nausea part of the side-effect spectrum chose to hit staight afterwards. Up to now I haven’t felt like being sick, so it came from nowhere. I’d thought that the chemo was out of my system and totally didn’t expect to be feeling sick 4 days after the first treatment stopped. Happily the onco nurses sent me home prepared for any eventuality and “I have medicine” which worked very quickly. It was quite funny to see Pat rummaging around to find a bucket though.

Belly laugh of the day from Brigitte

“must tell you that I had a blonde moment today when I was telling one of the mums at our cricket game that a good friend of ours was not well and SHE had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. This woman looked quite alarmed and said she didn’t know women could also get prostrate cancer and I of course insisted that this was the case. Took me a while, but this woman I am sure was pretty confused about us gay people at the end.”

What an amazing kaleidoscope of love, beauty, ick and laughter, but better than a kaleidoscope because each is experienced with my whole body – sight, sound, touch, muscle and heart.



Comments on: "Porcelain Portents – courage" (20)

  1. The Railway Children
    Seamus Heaney

    When we climbed the slopes of the cutting
    We were eye-level with the white cups
    Of the telegraph poles and the sizzling wires.

    Like lovely freehand they curved for miles
    East and miles west beyond us, sagging
    Under their burden of swallows.

    We were small and thought we knew nothing
    Worth knowing. We thought words travelled the wires
    In the shiny pouches of raindrops,

    Each one seeded full with the light
    Of the sky, the gleam of the lines, and ourselves
    So infinitesmally scaled

    We could stream through the eye of a needle.

  2. Oh that bunny is soooooooo cute. I would really love to meet Rockey one day when you are better, I have a very soft spot for him though I have never met him. Its just amazes me (Rockey’s heart) about how everything and everyone is connected, so we must put in the effort to use our talents/ gifts to help people. I think he came to you because you have the same spirit to encourage and nurture people.
    I too would like to hear about the sink or float story. I am so curious about the carrot apple juice too. What is the recipe?
    Have a great evening, my love to Pat, Pepper and Rockey.

    • Hee hee – Rocky objects to being outside when he’s had enough of being outside. When that happens, he barks busily at the gate, even if there’s nothing going on in the street. Pat let him in the other day and he gallumphed through the house and leapt onto my bed – a fluffy and rude awakening!

  3. I have to admit to a certain amount of curiosity regarding the sink or float saga……perhaps kathy will give me a precis .Take care Liz do what your body tells you .

    • Ok I’ll call the post Sink/Float and people can decide whether they want to read it – it is essentially a precis already! Happy Birthday, you!

  4. Hi Liz,glad that you are listening to your body and eating those veggies.You make it sound so delicious…I must try some 🙂 I’m sure Pepper loves that you are at home and spending time with her-pets are really sensitive and they know when something is wrong.
    I hate anything to do with scopes. I have been through three endoscope sessions and hated each one. The colonscopy is next -been avoiding it for a while now… You have really made us think about listening to our bodies…thank you Liz. Sending much love,prayers and hugs to you.

    The secret of peace is to give
    every anxious care to God….

    Oh the blessedness to nestle
    Like a child upon His breast;
    Finding as ever, as He promised
    Perfect comfort, peace and rest.-Hennessay

    • Good for you Rosaline. I can understand the avoidance of scopes, who better? Yet I think taking the time to take care of ourselves is the best thing we can do for everyone who loves us.

  5. How cute are these ‘rabbit’ text smileys =:>) and (___)0_ you have inspired me to get a juicer and to ‘fruit and vege up’ (iso spice up) for summer (and thereafter)… Father Xmas *<|:-{)} is going to get a letter [] soon. Big X Liz to you and Pat and Pepper and Rocky.

  6. Hello
    Am so pleased that you (and Pepper) got a walk in, and thank you to Sharon for offering and arriving. Think if Pepper could blog, she’d say how good it was for her too. Now that Sharon has set the tone, and shown us all what can be done, know that you have a number of able and willing dog walkers around (we of the RWFL variety that can multitask), and perhaps Peps and Rocky might like to walk a weekend with us some time (and you!).
    Kathy (Who now wants a bunny for her menagerie. Only 1 though. Don’t rabbits breed like ……)

    • Yes they do – the rabbits, I mean. Ask Sharon for her impressions of the numbers who also go to school! Peps and Rocks would love a walk if you guys can fit it into your busy weekends. Peps probably would enjoy a fast one or a run, which I haven’t been able to do recently. Rocky moseys and when he’s tired he just stops!

  7. amishi gandhi said:

    PS. when you have a moment could you email me the sink and float story as well

  8. amishi gandhi said:

    Hey Liz
    Hope it all goes well for your brother. Will keep my fingers crossed.

    and thanks for the laugh with the story about your prostrate!

    Thinking of you Liz, everyday, and look forward to your posts. It eases my mind.

    Love and hugs to you both.

  9. Louise Willison said:

    Hey Sis – me again. I’ve just made an appointment for 4.15 this afternoon with the quack to schedule my colonoscopy. One way of losing some weight I suppose! Yuk!

    • Congrats sis – I’ll be so glad to know it’s all clear. As for the prep for the colonoscopy – as you know – you’ll never feel so good and clean and fresh tralala.
      Pat’s lost a kg already – just with doing the vegetables and worrying!

  10. Morning Liz, hope all goes well with Andy today. Will be thinking of him!
    Oh Brigitte ……………. only Brigitte! What a good laugh this morning.
    Girls ………. best you get your prostrates checked soon!

    • The great news is that it’s all clear and he only needs to go back in 5 years time. A relief. And I was thinking – maybe Brigitte wasn’t far off – it is after all Movember with CANSA raising funds through guys growing moustaches – I’m thinking of letting mine have some leeway – actually.

  11. Odette Swift said:

    Oh man!!! That bunny is toooo cute! Prostate cancer – ROFL! That woman must be seriously confused! Please mail me the sink / float details when you have a minute Liz – my curiosity has got the better of me… Have a beautiful day!

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