Liz's colonic journey

Kathy suggested that I share this email conversation we had. She asked about my experience to date, in comparison to that I had experienced with my dad 2 years back.

My health system experience is definitely a bit more upmarket, it’s interesting doing this in English, not Sotho or Afrikaans! Yet I think the system is not that different. Bara’s context was a bit grim, yet it’s kind of communal, so you see walking skeletons sitting around on the grass with their drips and bags, while they have a smoko. Can’t see that happening at Westville, which is lovely and clean and airconditioned. The communication issues are the same it seems. The departments don’t seem to speak clearly to each other. Lou reminded me of how often my dad got lost and one particular occasion when he was being scanned and everyone kept calling him a different name, until he bellowed in his drill sergeant’s voice, I am not Mr XYZ, I am Mr Harrison! Bit like them phoning Pat and my GP to find out where I was for the colonoscopy, when I was lying in the ward waiting!

Why is that do you think? I’m suspecting it’s caused by bureaucratisation – with lots of little segments but no overview to hold it all together. Also, I suppose the memory of a patient is a short-term thing, on a half hour to half hour basis, and there are so many of them.

It is interesting in a Foucauldian sort of way!

There are so many layers to this experience. Philosophical, physical, spiritual, sociological, psychologiceal. Yesterday I was a bit whacked by the day before’s surgery. A single Mypradol (painkiller) knocks me flat, so there was no way I was going to take the two that the doc prescribed.  Ruth popped in for a visit which lifted me out of the doldrums, and got me out of my pyjamas and washed! I keep wondering whether I’ll be able to enjoy a hot bubble bath once I’m on chemo. Apparently one of the side-effects is skin-thinning and ultrasensitivity to temperature. Just in case, I’m going  to have a good one  now with the Badedas that the walking crew gave me for my birthday.

Joan and Delysia asked Pat and me to lie quietly together for half an hour while they had a healing session last night. We did. We felt much calmer after and have decided to make that a regular thing for us, just to meditate and connect.

Lots of thoughts to capture – but my bath is priority now. Thank you to each and every one of you for your care, prayers and light-sending. There’s no question that you are holding us up and keeping us together.



Comments on: "Musing on health system experiences" (12)

  1. I meant to say “seams” not seems sorry!

  2. It seriously annoys me that I can’t ‘like’ what someone else has said. But I second everyone here today and the ones that are thinking it and feeling it. Much love to you and Pat. May you both have a good night. I will catch up again tomorrow if you will be posting.

    • I’ll be posting – I’m absolutely awed at how much care and interest such special people are showing – and from all over the world! Sorry about the like feature being absent. On a techie note – I think there are other themes that have that widget, but they didn’t have such vibrant colours. How about just sticking a smiley in a response to someone else’s comment?

      • Good Idea. Smiley inserted :-). That will have to suffice till I work out how to insert a proper smiley

      • That makes sense. I will do that next time. I guess you didn’t really know just how much you are loved. The world could not contain it and the seems of this universe are popping from the ever growing energy called love for you. Believe it!

  3. Dearest Liz
    My thoughts are with you and Pat as you journey through the shadows.
    Jackie let me know about your diagnosis. As I read your comments I see the love that you so easily give to others. That laughter that you break into, the practical questioning that is so much part of your nature… and on and on.The journey is yours,Liz. But when others touch you with their healing intent, that sharing becomes a bond that is priceless. If you have not read Rachel Naomi Remen book ” Kitchen Table Wisdom” do so. her sensitivity, care and love shines through. The peace experienced in just meeting with someone’s pain without the pressure to fix it is new for most of us, so when you have friends who send energy and light your way, feel blessed and very special.
    I think of the many conversations we had early on in our careers of bringing change. Now is your time in preparing you for your personal changes. Peace, my friend, and love. Frida

    • So nice to hear from you Frida, hope everything is well in your world. Yes, change. I have a feeling that this experience is another learning for all the change that still needs to happen. Thanks for the book recommendation. Lots of love, Liz

  4. Portia Redmond said:

    Dear Liz and Pat,
    Please know that you are both in the cosmic realm of love, strength, comfort and happiness today and always. This journey is marked with valleys and dales, so we are able to negotiate the ups and downs from a point of learning and personal growth. I will keep you both in my thought and prayers.
    Regards Portia

    • Thanks Portia. Knowing how many people who are posting replies have been through their own harrowing journeys and are still here, marvellously making a difference is an inspiration.

  5. Joan Conolly said:

    Dear Liz and Pat, please can we make it a date every evening at eight for 30 mins? Am thinking of you …

  6. Liz, you and Pat seem so open to new experiences – its heartening to read. Continue to explore whats on offer or suggested, in your own space and in yhour own time!, and take from the experiences that which works for you, and quickly dump that which makes you feel uncomforatble or doesn’t give you anything back. Being open to new things, means one allows new people, events, things, experiences etc into one’s life – that might just have been missed in our busy and self-sufficient lives.A lesson for all of us out here though, is that what works for us might not work for you – and we neeed to respect that.

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