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Monday in the new normal

How can one not feel very lucky when sitting on one’s own porch with this view? I noted that Gnomeo needs a new set of clothes. This is Pat’s job because, as previously mentioned, when I paint anything everything gets painted! This occurs when I attempt a home hair-dying job also.

It’s kind of weird to be at home and being leisurely at this time on a Monday morning. Usually I sit on the porch in my jammies, then Pat joins me for a coffee, all clean and fresh from a shower. Then she walks Rocky to school. (This is the pre-school across the road – he insists on going – he loves kids, and bunnies and guineapigs etc – and if he doesn’t show up a teacher and a child come across and ask why he’s not coming to school today!) Then I rush around doing email, showering and getting to work by 8.30. So the leisure lies in not taking on traffic and being aware that my bath is slowly cooling while I write this post.

View from the porch

With all this light and life, it’s almost impossible to feel down. The porch is a great place to sit and meditate on the day and to make a list of To Do’s. As I write this at 8:05, I’m thinking: Must do the home filing – I usually do that twice a year in July and December or when the drawer with stuff in it starts jamming. It’s now become imperative that we find out what our financial status is. This means tracking down policy documents and reading all the small print in insurance policies, retirement annuities, pension fund and medical aid documents.

I’ve always been amazed at how much a modern human being is expected to know and master, aside from the skills and knowledge of their profession. Like recognising symptoms, reading policy documents is a definite skill, not to mention understanding what they mean. Talk about obfuscating discourses. Thank goodness Pat’s early career was in the pension industry and she has the art of it.  However, instead of leaving it to her, I need to read through and ask questions – so we can plan. Because she knows what this stuff means and knows basic accounting, she could get very frustrated explaining it to me. As frustrated as I have become trying to explain the nuances of ontology and education over the years.  Why the one set of skills and knowledge has more status than the other is a continual mystery to me.  Let’s not even think about the mechanics/hydraulics of cars, airconditioning, plumbing or the botany/geography of  a garden, or the chemistry of home cleaning materials.
Today’s To Do’s then go onto – popping into the SATN webinar, reviewing some work by PG students and a grant application. For those of you who are worried that if I don’t go into the physical space of work, I’ll get bored, fear not! I have about 100 journal articles and books that I have saved for later reading, and I really want to spend some time playing with the software for designing learning scenarios.
Meantime, we are waiting to hear when I’ll be going in for the procedure to implant the port under my collarbone. The port is basically a funnel that delivers the chemicals to my blood stream. The idea is that it saves the nurses from having to stick needles in me all the time. It’s temporarily in place for the chemo regime, and means that I can actually move about after the first dose, by having a bulb of chemicals which are pumped through my body by a pump which clips to my waist. I do remember that my dad (who had the same kind of cancer that I have) complained that the designer of the pump and made a ‘shenzy’ job of it. I hope the design has improved since he used one. The port insertion and test is a day clinic procedure done by a surgeon. We’re hoping his slate is clear for one day this week.

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  1. Hello Liz
    Your porch does look inviting! Is there generally coffee on offer, as I might just join you! Sitting in my office … not the bestest view out of my office, waiting for a lift to PMB to a SPACE meeting (the re-allocation of space for UKZN Colleges). When Pat gets to painting the Gnome, can she do a few others? – I have some very dull and flaky frogs hiding in my garden. They might like to do soome exploring of your garden and like a chat with the gnome.
    Hope your quack has a space for your day procedure, so that gets done this week ….

    • Coffee always and a range of teas now! Bring along your frogs – no live ones please – we know your garden’s reputation for noise!

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